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Debates on my Facebook Page: The Rules

So, earlier this week I asked you whether you enjoyed the debates on my Facebook page. Thing is, I asked you for a reason. It’s because at the start of this year there was a little skirmish on my page when three people name-called other commenters on a thread about feminism. Now, I very rarely […]

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Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

It’s time for my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas! I know, it’s ‘only’ November but if you want to gift a Kraken Kreations you need to get on my order list NOW. Don’t forget that everything I make is stitched from scratch, which is why hitting up this website on December 15th will only end in […]

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11 Tricks to Stop You Comparing Creativity (And Why I Use Them All)

Be honest now. Comparing creativity is a trap that loads of us fall into. When I started sewing I compared my work to others so often that I was almost incapable of stitching. I became convinced that my work would never be as interesting, professional, functional or beautiful. Happily, that’s all changed and experience has […]

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