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You need to see this! Coronavirus and Kraken Kreations

Coronavirus klaxon!

The Coronavirus and Kraken Kreations: that’s not a sentence ever thought I’d type. Still, here we are and here I am and hopefully this entire blog post will make you feel a bit better about what lies before us.

Check out the vid above for the headlines and when you’ve done with that, check out this little lot below. It’s a little pile of curated links to things that will keep you occupied, creative and distracted from Coronavirus while you are socially distanced. So save this post where you can easily retrieve it and keep coming back to it on the days when you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Seriously, kraken lovers, we WILL get through this. Let’s metaphorically hold well washed hands, not sneeze on each other and see what silver linings we can find in this time to ourselves… Ready? Let’s go!

The course

If you want to really make the most of your time, check out my Easy Embroidery! online course. It’s instantly downloadable, you can do it in your own time, it gets you access to my exclusive Facebook group and it’s just £45! There’s loads more info about it here and if you want to try before you buy you can do that too by trying the first three lessons for FREE right now. Check out lesson one, lesson two and lesson three and go from there!

The blog posts

If you fancy adding a feminist flavour to your makey ways, check out this post. It’ll give you loads of hints and tips about how to do it.

When you feel fretful about the future (or even about right now) check out this post about mindful embroidery. Fact is, every principle in here can be applied to what YOU love to make.

Fancying being really productive? Then this’ll show you how to make a toiletry bag. You don’t even need a machine if you employ a stout backstitch by hand!

Now, this may be all about autumn craft projects but you can easily make them spring-like with your colour choices. Just give them a fresh twist with lime greens, bright pinks and searing yellows for uplifting decorations (and ways of keeping the kids quiet)

If you ever wanted to try embroidery but didn’t know where in the hell to start, start here. It’s my guide to using a hoop and might inspire you to pick up a needle too. Whoa!

Feeling low about this whole bloody virus business? This might help you find your spark again. It’s about sewing with depression but is packed with tips for the days when you don’t know why you should bother.

If you are stuck for more things to do with the kids, then this’ll help. I wrote it for the summer hols but all bets are off now so fuck it. There are some really cool ideas in this and they use scraps too!

The newsletter

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So, I reckon that’s enough to get on with for now but keep coming back for more. In the future I’ll post more about how you can keep yourself occupied, how you can keep the kids occupied and how we can distract ourselves from the viral madness. We just gotta hang on in there.