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Why Meet the Customer May?

So Meet the Customer May started on Weds on my social media channels and you may be wondering what in the everloving fuck I’m up to. Well loads of you have heard about March Meet the Maker where creatives give you shed-loads of insights into where, how and what they do. And yeah, I’ve done it too. The problem is that it leaves out the most important people of all: YOU. That’s why I’ve switched it up. Pray, be upstanding for Meet the Customer May.

Every midday through May I’ll ask you something about yourself (while revealing something about me just to make it fairsies). The goal is to let you lovely customers have the floor, discover our commonalities and help make the Kraken Kreations community a place where we can all be honest and open in complete safety. You already know that Kraken Kreations is all about securing equality and safety for women. Well, Meet the Customer May is your chance to help make that happen.

And if that’s not enough of a reason to pop in every lunchtime to join in the massive chat, here are a few other reasons why Meet the Customer May should make you get stuck in..

Some of you scare me. I need more detailed descriptions to give to the police.

I actually give a shit about what you think. Forget big businesses who want your money and nothing else. Meet the Customer May means really wanting to know how you like your tea or if you’ve ever experienced fanny farts.

You see the slouch bags and sunnies cases I make every single day. Meet the Customer May gives you the chance to grab me to show me what YOU make instead.

You lot are the lifeblood of my business. The least I can do is dedicate a month to you (until I’m able to donate my internal organs to you, that is).

If we really are going to defeat the patriarchy we need to start with knowing what to buy each other when we celebrate it in the pub.

One of the great treats of Kraken Kreations is the community that’s built up on social media. You’ve made such connections that you’ve actually bought surprise bundles and washable facial pads from me for each other. I mean, how bloody cool is that? I demand more of it! NOW!

Lots of you have become my friends as well as Kraken fans. Meet the Customer May will hopefully help you make a few more online friends too.

There is waaaay more that unites us than divides us. We just have to find out what in the hell those things are.

I’m a nosy cow.

Being a one-woman stitchy business can be a lonely pursuit. I’ve long thought of you lot like my water-cooler mates, where we chat whenever I take a break. Let Meet the Customer May be our chance to head to the toilets where we hand out spare tampons and gossip about Fleabag.

We often all talk about our mental health struggles and the Kraken Kreations page has become a source of great support for lots of you. Let’s create more of that.

Thanks to the hurdles dumped in front of us women, equality still eludes us. Let’s all help each other over the hurdles by being open about what we want.

I want to know where and when you go on holiday so I can ransack your house. Don’t worry though. I’m only after buttons and fabric scraps. Lock your wardrobes.

If I can understand you better then I can make Kraken Kreations what you want it to be. If I find out you’re a load of camping lovers, book addicts or pig racers then I can tailor my products to be really useful or you. Purple and blue geo-print pig saddle, anyone?

Women need to have a voice and this is my little way of helping that happen. I’m sick of seeing women being told to shut up while men march over what is rightfully ours. Consider Meet the Customer May your one small act of rebellion.

You fascinate me! It doesn’t matter how much I read books or mags, check out Insta or Pinterest, nothing inspires me quite like knowing what you kraken lovers are up to. Hopefully seeing what we are all working on inspires you too.

I really want Kraken Kreations to be a resource where you can find help, support, inspiration and a kind word when you need it.

We deserve nice things.

This teeny one-kraken business needs your support. Joining in with such campaigns as Meet the Customer May makes all the difference. I get seen more and you get the glow of having done a Good Thing.

I want Kraken Kreations to be part of your self care, where you come to feel better.

I like you. Let me lick your face…

Social media can be a shouty shitshow. Meet the Customer May is the antidote to that, a place where we can appreciate any differences. Think of it as a pub where the bartender knows what your usual is and is always ready to give you the gossip about that drunk bloke in the corner.

When I buy fabric I think about what you’d all like. So by knowing what you love I can buy even more fabric. BE MY SHOPPING EXCUSE.

After my breakdown I became an introvert. This is my way of holding a party without having to dress up, leave the house and pretend I care when someone corners me to talk about the quality of lightbulbs.

Too many of us struggle with loneliness, even when surrounded by family and friends. Let’s combat that with Meet the Customer May, creating a space where we can always find a friend on the days when we need one.

This is all about you so can ask me any questions you have too. It doesn’t matter what your question is and, worryingly, I can’t think of anything about which I won’t spill my entire guts.

This makes me sound deeply analogue but I can never get my head around how I have fans in China, Australia, New Zealand, USA… And I adore hearing about what they’re up to and how they are neck deep in snow and grizzly bears while we bask in the sun with ladybirds. Meet the Customer will make you more, er, global I promise.

You’ll be reminded that out there are women just like you.


So remember, every midday through May on my social media channels: Meet the Customer May. Join in on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or miss the fuck out, capiche?