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So what’s inside a cotton sanitary pad?

So have you ever wondered what goes into making a cotton sanitary pad? I ask because lots of women buy them from me and are fascinated by what makes them so absorbent and protective.  I would tell you that it’s down to a secret ingredient but I’m not that crafty. Instead I’m guiding you through the constituent parts of a cotton sanitary pad in the following vlog (as well as asking you a personal question about how I look). And don’t forget to scroll down afterwards for more info and links!

So now that you’re all informed about what goes into a cotton sanitary pad you can check out this earlier blog post of mine. It’ll tell you:

  • how to order a pad and what they cost
  • how to wash and care for your pads
  • how to handle them when you are out and about (and I don’t mean with gauntlet gloves)
  • if they can be used for urinary incontinence
  • what I’ll ask you when you order
  • just about every other question you have ever thought of

You can check out this page for further info on buying pads too. Seriously, though if you have any more questions about cotton sanitary pads you just have to ask. Email me at or message me on my Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Oh, and as for the glasses… fashion faux pas or a complete delight? Let me know (nicely). Don’t go making me cry in the toilet now…