What size cotton sanitary pad is right for me?

If you’ve ever wondered what size cotton sanitary pad is right for you, I’m your stitchy woman. Made with soft and absorbent fabrics, more of you than ever are choosing cotton sanitary pads over the store bought varieties that are stuffed with plastics. That’s because they are waaaaay greener, kinder to your flange and, when made to order, the perfect fit.

And fit is one of the biggest questions I receive from my rather fabulous customers. They are desperate to try out the pads but not knowing what size cotton sanitary pad to buy puts them off.

This is why I make cotton sanitary pads to order. Rather than you fitting your body to my measurements, I fit my pads to YOUR bodies. And here’s how to make sure we get it bang on right.

Start with the pads you currently use. They’ll tell you what size cotton sanitary pad you’ll need next. In short, do they do the job? And be honest. This is your chance to, er, fully satisfy your netherparts. Take it.

If your current pad doesn’t do the job, look at why. Is it a smidge too long or short? Does it shift about in your pants? Is it too narrow or wide, creating leaks or chaffing? Do you leak off one end or the other? After decades of putting up with what we buy in the shops, build a wishlist for your perfect pad.

Think about the wings as well as the body of the pad. Do you like your wings being bang in the middle of the pad? Would you prefer them to be offset? Or would you like them to be wider and more protective for narrower?

Remember the shape as well as what size cotton sanitary pad you’ll need. Would you like either end to be flared for extra protection? Especially think about this if you especially leak at night or if you do lots of active sports.

Think about the closure on the wings too. How active are you? Do you think you’ll need just a pretty popper on there or something more vigorous, like Velcro?

It’s not just about what size cotton sanitary pad you’ll need though. Think about absorbency. Does your current pad work well or do you need something extra or even something less? Do you find yourself changing your pads a lot on your heavier days? Or do you just need light protection in conjunction with your Mooncup?

Then, just take a deep breath and come to me! By now you’ll have an almost perfect idea of what size cotton sanitary pad is right for you. My job is to make it a reality. At this stage we can also chat about any other concerns you have: the gory gush that follows a sneeze, clots, surprise periods, any irritation… really, there is NOTHING that I haven’t seen or worked with so don’t be shy.  

Your last job is to choose what prints you’d like me to use from my stock and then I weave my stitchy magic. I’ll come up with the best pad for you and tell you what it costs. At the mo my pads are £10 for light and small, £11 for medium size and absorbency and £12 for anything really absorbent and large. You can then decide whether to go ahead. Remember that you can buy as few or as many as you like too. Some women buy a full set while others go for one at a time as and when they can afford to buy. It’s up to you!

So go on. Grab your usual pad, give it a stern eye and ask if it does the job of keeping you safe and clean while also helping to save the planet. And if it doesn’t? Well now you know what size cotton sanitary pad (LINK) will do all of those things. You’re welcome! NB:  Check out the links above which give you loads of information about my cotton sanitary pads, how they work, how to care for them and how they can transform your periods. Also get in touch if you want to chat about ANY aspect of all of this. I’m happy to talk to you about your concerns, fears, hopes and period habits to see how we can improve on them. Just hit me up at [email protected]