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8 ways I can help you during the lockdown

I shit you not. I CAN help although if you touch me I shall have to kill you. Here you go:

I’ll help protect you

What I mean is, I am now making face masks due to such staggering demand that it’s left me boggled. Natch, they are strictly for personal use and are NOT medical grade but they are increasingly being suggested for use by doctors and virus experts who think we should protect others from our own germs for a long time to come yet. You can get all of the mask details here along with the almost 30 prints you can choose from if you fancy one. You can also read this if you think that employing my stitchy skills when they are needed most makes me a monster. You’re welcome (she says passively-aggressively).

I’ll give you a new hobby

That’s because if you buy my Easy Embroidery! online course you’ll have 12 lessons on how to hand embroider your own hoops. For just £45 you can immediately download my course here and get started on nine game-changing stitches as well as lessons on how to use colour, how to design a hoop and how to back it to a professional standard. Even better you can do it in your own time and you’ll get access to my exclusive course Facebook group which is packed with course extras, projects, challenges, inspirations and the most supportive community of fellow students you have ever met. And if you still aren’t sure? Check out my FREE lessons here.

I’ll keep you clean

My washable facial pads and the little envelopes that you can buy for them are the perfect alternative to cotton wool pads. They are £12 for a set of ten in the most cheery prints and you can use them for make-up removal and every part of your facial cleansing routine. The white towelling on one side is lovely for buffing and the soft cotton on the other side is perfect for delicate eye areas. Just pop them in the wash when they’ve been used and they’ll come up a treat for next time. Even better, by placing them in the envelope they won’t get lost amongst your knickers in the washing machine. Hurrah!

I’ll keep you fresh

My cotton sanitary pads are perfect for lockdown hell because you don’t have to start stockpiling Always Ultra like a woman unhinged. They’re kind to your body (several customers have said that their pain stopped when using cotton pads), utterly dependable, made to suit YOUR body and fun to look at when they’re in your pants. You can find out how to order them right here. And remember that if you want your pads to be longer, shorter, more or less absorbent, I can do that for you. Your wish is my paddy command. Oh, and don’t forget that you can chose your fave prints for your pads too!

I’ll keep the virus at bay

OK, so I’m not selling PPE but my tote bags might be a bonus at a time like this. Hit the supermarket when it’s time to pick up essentials, pop them in one of my totes and then pop the tote in the wash (after you’ve emptied it, natch) if you’re worried about the virus being transferred to your home. You can pick a tote from my shop page or you can commission one at no extra cost in your fave fabrics here. And while you are at it you can also have longer or shorter handles or even a little pocket for your phone. It’s up to you. And remember that my totes are uber-durable because they are triple stitched at the corners and have cotton linings too.

I’ll keep you neat

If you’re spending the lockdown doing home decor or any tidying, I’m yer girl. I make all sorts of storage including sky pockets, storage tubs and desktop caddies. Remember that you can commission these in your fave fabrics from my directory at no extra cost. I also make cushion covers, indoor and outdoor bunting, notice boards and anything else you can think of that can be sewn. Just hit me with your ideas and let me do the rest!

I’ll keep you kind

What I mean is that if you want to send a gift to anyone, I can do it for you. It’s hard to find gifts for birthday and celebrations right now and even harder to give them because of social distancing. So here’s an idea: check out my gift lists, commission or buy what you think someone will like and ask me to send it directly to them with a personalised note from you. And if you are stuck for an idea, just ask. Customers often tell me they want to send a hand embroidered hoop but don’t know what they want on it and I help them work it all out. The same goes for my little Bundles and hoops of hope. Just think of the recipient, give me the deets and we can go from there!

I’ll keep you company

But haven’t you suffered enough, you may ask? Perhaps. But if you DO want company I can give you that too. Every weekday midday I do a live show on Facebook where I chat to you all about how we’re coping and what we are up to. That’ll happen for the duration of the lockdown so please feel free to join in. Don’t forget that I do other posts so check them by coming over regularly. You can also find me on Insta at @krakenkreationscath where I pop up several times a day. Whatever your mood hit me up for all manner of chat, insights, inspirations and whatever I’m working on next.

And if you can think of another way I can help you? You just have to say. If you can find nothing on my site that you want or like but can be sewn, I am all ears and rarely say no to a customer’s idea. Just drop me a line at [email protected] and we can go from there!