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Washable facial pads (and everything you need to know about them)

Listen up, kraken lovers! If you fancy saving the planet you could start with these washable facial pads. Following the success of my cotton sanitary pads, these washable facial pads mean you can now top and tail yourself (NOT a euphemism) by chucking out cotton wool and hidden plastics for both your face and your foof. Don’t believe me? Pah! Here are your questions rather expertly answered…

Why should I buy washable facial pads?

Because it’s your chance to save the environment as well as your face. Look, if you use cotton wool pads for your cleansing routine you’ll know how many you get through. The things is, those cotton wool pads can only be used once after which they moulder in landfill while being pecked at by rabid gulls. The joy of my washable facial pads is that you, well, wash them in between uses and they last for years. So you get all of the benefits of your usual cleansing routine but without the waste, cost and environmental damage. I mean, c’mon!

Can’t I just stick to cotton wool pads? Really?

Well, yeah, you could but all of us are working towards more sustainable ways of living, right? So along with eliminating waste and plastic these washable facial pads mean we can recycle as well. And OK, these pads won’t save the planet on their own but they are part of the great environmental jigsaw puzzle. And don’t you want to feel smug by using a washable facial pad every time you swipe at that eyeliner?

But I’m nervous about making the leap!

I know, I know. This stuff is new to most of us. What do you have to lose though? No one is going to place you under house arrest if cotton wool is found in your bathroom cupboard. Just buy one pack of ten washable facial pads and use them alongside your cotton wool stash until it runs out. That way you get the chance to decide whether you want to go with re-useable or one-use pads when you are ready. And if you want to start with fewer than ten pads check out the ‘How many can I buy?’ info below for deets on how to do it.

OK, OK, so how are they made?

With my fair kraken hands, which immediately makes them fabulous (even if I say so myself). Each pad is 8 x 8 cms and made with three layers of fabric. Inside is a layer of flannelette for softness but on the outside you get two different textures. One side is a soft cotton in a bright and shouty print and it’s perfect for delicate areas such as the eyes. On the other side, though, is a soft yet textured towelling which is brill for more thorough cleaning and, er, buffage (that’s totally a technical term).

And I can wash them? Really?

Damn right you can! That’s why they’re called washable facial pads. Just stick them in the washing machine with your usual laundry and they’ll come up a treat at the usual temperatures. Don’t forget that the pads are just 8 x 8 cms though so you can also buy a washable envelope to keep them all together in the machine. And as there is no plastic in them (another eco-friendly bonus) you can bung them in the tumble dryer too. Easy!

How long do they last then?

Several years. As with my cotton sanitary pads once you have bought them you don’t need to buy any more for an extremely long time (unless you want more for convenience). They are made to be re-washed like any other item of clothing. Think of how many washes a well made top goes through before it collapses. These pads are the same and as much of a worthwhile investment. And how cool would it be to never again run out of pads?

They won’t be as clean as new cotton wool pads though, will they?

Of course they will! Look, I don’t want to be too blunt (as if that’s going to stop me) but if your post-period pants are clean enough to wear after washing, these post-cleansing pads are certainly clean enough to whip off your eyeliner. And as for cotton wool pads, there is no telling what dust or particles lurk in within. God knows, I once found a huge dead spider in one of my packs and yes, I screamed.

And can I use these for nail polish removal?

You certainly can but the pads will be stained as a result. That nail polish will not come out in the wash. The pads will still be reuseable though so if you don’t mind that staining go ahead and get rid rid of that chipping paint.

You have convinced me. Is ordering these going to be a faff though?

Nah, of course not. Just click here if you want a pack of ten in a mix of prints and click here if you want an envelope to go with them. You can also pick up storage caddies here. The items will go in your basket and you can check out as usual. Really, it’s easier than inhaling a Magnum on a hot day.

So can I choose the prints in the packs?

Yup. My 10-pad packs come in a mix of brightly coloured prints but if you have a penchant for blues or reds just let me know when you order and I’ll make sure the packs showcase that colour. That’s the joy of washable facial pads. I’ll make them to reflect your personality. After all, if you have to look at them every morning and evening they may as well be in colourways that you like. The only thing I won’t do – for reasons of enormous cost-rising faffage to you – is allow you to pick the individual print for each pad. However if you adore flamingos or cherries and want me to make all of your pads in flamingos and cherries just say and that is what I will do. You can see my online fabric directory here.

Do I have to buy ten at a time?

Well I do make these in packs of 10, all in mixed prints, for £12. You’re welcome to buy one pack or multiples of ten by clicking here. However, if you want to buy fewer let me know at where I will price it up for you accordingly.

Right, I’ve decided to go for it. How do I order or commission these pads?

Click here where you can buy the pads in multiples of 10. You can also buy a washing envelope for them here and caddies for them here. However, if you want a different size pad, specific colourways or prints email me at where we can chat about what you want. Feel free to ask my any questions too. Really, I’m happy to chat about these pads if you want more info before buying. I could bang on about them all day.

And you mentioned cotton sanitary pads?

I did and I even managed to wangle the word ‘foof’ into a page about washable facial pads! I make cotton sanitary pads to order so you can contact me at with your requirements. My pads are £10 – £12 each depending on what size and absorbency you require. Before you email me, though, check out this and this which gives you all the info you need about my pads from how they are made to how to decide what pad is right for you. You know that Always ad which says no two women are the same so they make four types of pad? Well that’s horseshit. If you want a pad that is truly unique to you, this is where you can find them.

And if I have any other questions?

Just email me at No question is too daft and I’ll happily burble on about my washable facial pads and cotton sanitary pads if it helps you decide what is right for you. Go on. Try me. I might be a kraken but your faces and foofs are safe in my hands, which doesn’t sound at all creepy, right? RIGHT?