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Vroom vroom…

I shit you not, I had no idea how angsty sewing could be before I opened Kraken Kreations. You’d think that being able to design anything I like in the fabrics that I love would be desperately easy. It’s not. Ok, it’s not on a par with deciding whether to donate an organ, but neither is it as blindingly easy as scoffing an entire packet of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting while hollering at the television.

Take this last week, where I embarked upon my slouch bag odyssey. They might have simply appeared on my Facebook page along with allegedly gripping vignettes about their creation but the reality was that the week before I was sweating spinal fluid about making them. I liked them but would my customers? Are they cool? Are they useful? Are they to accessories what the comb-over is to ageing men?

Boho bag blue3

Course, it’s about now that the more business-minded of you should be screaming, “Do some market research, you dull bugger!”. Yet market research wouldn’t involve knee-jerk decisions, frantic sewing and immersing myself in said slouch bag project to the point of developing Stockholm Syndrome. That’s why I leaped, like Evil Knievel on a sewing machine, into my new slouch bag line but hopefully without the crash and burn at the end. I lost a whole kilo of panic-based weight in the process.

The result? Ten minutes after the first bag hit my Facebook page I had two commissions and one order. I know, I know. I’m wiping my brow with a large “Whew!” too. The question is whether my next line of bags – to be revealed this week – will also be a success. Yeah, yeah, I could canvass opinion on them first but that would just be too…too…normal. So grab your crash helmets, kraken lovers. I’m revving up that sewing machine once again. Who minds leaping over buses when you can land on fabric?

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