Vintage bliss

For the love of God fetch me a cold flannel, will you? You see, I’ve just taken delivery of a staggering stash of vintage buttons thanks to Marion, a good friend of my mum, and it’s all I can do to not run around naked in the garden. These buttons belonged to Marion’s mum, who no longer has any use for them, and Marion kindly donated them to Kraken Kreations. It means I can decorate my products with not just gorgeous buttons but buttons with history. And that’s what I love about used buttons, that every one has a teeny story attached to it. They may have danced on tables, been guests at weddings, accompanied laughter, witnessed a birth, been privy to a surprise or simply been part of favourite jackets or blouses. So when I gather them together to adorn a bird or a flower, it’s like decorating fabric with a story. Now, bring me that cold flannel. I think I’m having another moment…

Blue, white and red flower close-up