To sew or swear?

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last few months: setting up an online sewing business doesn’t half take up a lot of laptop time. There I was thinking that I’d spend blissful days in my sewing shed when I’ve spent just as much time sweating over the tech stuff. So I’ve been trying to wangle a day-on, day-off approach where I spend one day sobbing over my keyboard and the next day recovering amongst my fabrics. It’s worked. Kind of. Ish. Even if, last week, I did try to change the fabric I was using by tapping on it.

Do not fear though! Those moment of calm have come up trumps. I made and sold the below bag within minutes of it hitting my Facebook page.

bird tote 5

I also managed  to come up with a new line of products that are yet to be photographed. Needless to say they require the use of sunglasses because they are wowser bright. I’ll give you a warning when they come online, not least because you may need to shade your face.