The Kraken Kreations Manifesto

Listen up, Kraken lovers! It’s time for us to put our accessories where our mouths are.

You already know that I started Kraken Kreations because I was sick of women being offered only ditsy prints on the high street. There was no room for those of us who wanted sharp colour, big prints, boldness and individuality. Well, three years (and a thousand shouty slouch bags) later I’m still bringing you colour. The problem is that we don’t have equality.

Well, fuck that.

What you see below is my manifesto, the Kraken Kreations pledge to stand alongside every woman who wants to be seen, heard and respected.

Every time I create a commission it will be stitched with hope, strength, force and fight. The colours you carry on your shoulder, stand on your workspace or hang on your wall won’t just brighten your day. They’ll be a reminder that even on the shitty days Kraken Kreations has the back of every woman who demands equality.

Now, I’ve been harassed, discriminated against and assaulted. Like you I’ve be followed home by creeps, groped in bars, shouted at from vans, accosted while on the street and flashed at. I’ve been ignored in favour of my male work colleagues, barred from meetings because I’m female, paid less than male counterparts and laughed at by the police when reporting harassment. Twice. I am now raising a daughter who, from the moment of her birth, has been told by society (and even people she knows) that she should only want pink, marriage and children. That has to change.

So when I pledge to use Kraken Kreations to support women it’s because I know what a difference this can make. For every social rule that tells you to not wear horizontal stripes, buy the brightest stripes you can find. When sexism is mansplained to you, repel it with an equality brooch. Every time a misogynist tries to put you in the shade, swathe yourself in eye-popping red.  Colour will not just be your armour. It will be your statement of intent.

So remember this manifesto. Live by it. Whether you buy from Kraken Kreations or not, come here for a hit of strength whenever you need it. The revolution is coming, Kraken lovers. It’s time for all of us to stand up and stand out.

(Btw, you can now get the Kraken Kreations manifesto on a mug! Click here to see it and buy it! WHAAAAAA!)

What about you? What changes do you want to see in the name of equality? And what steps, however large or small, are you taking to help it happen?