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The gift of Easy Embroidery! for Christmas

That’s right, I said the gift of Easy Embroidery! Of my course I mean. For Christmas. A course isn’t what you’d usually think of shoving in a loved one’s stocking, but hear me out. Embroidery is about as bang on trend as it’s possible to get without resorting to oddly-shaped eyebrows. Not only is everyone trying it (you’ll have to take my word for it) but it’s come a long way from the fusty florals of 1867. You only need to look at my own embroidery hoops to see that embroidery can be thought provoking, sweary or even anatomically perfect.

The fact is that an embroidery course is an amazing Christmas gift and for lots of reasons. So gird yourself because I’m about to tell you why Easy Embroidery! is the only present Santa needs to bring down the chimney this Christmas. Ready?

Everyone loves Easy Embroidery!

No shit. Here’s what they say:

If you’re thinking of learning, this is the place to do it! I don’t think I could have learned without the love and support, not just for stitching but for life in general. The Kraken has done it again, she’s created a safe space for learning, talking and having fun! – Susan

Cath from Kraken Kreations rocks, her course rocks and the people in it are the nicest bunch of awesome people you could ever wish to be acquainted with. The course format is helpful and definitely suitable for people that have never even braved picking up a needle before but also detailed enough to be a step forward for those with some pre-existing basic knowledge of embroidery. I highly recommend the embroidery course. – Emma

This feels more like a club than a course, everyone encourages each other, shows their progression, shares interesting information, feels welcome. I am disabled so work at a patchy rate, but there is no pressure and I am here until I have completed the course – and beyond. No question is too small, no lack of knowledge looked down on. The lessons are clear and understandable. With some experience already I wanted a course to push me back into a long ignored hobby. The group has gone far beyond that, giving me a friendly, easy place to chat, admire work and feel crafty again.” – Julie

It’s a bargain

The recipient gets the full 12 lesson course for just £65, which means each lesson is ONLY £5.41. For the price of a coffee and cake slice they get a film of how to do that lesson’s stitch along with written lesson notes with challenges, practices, hints, tips and links to help them master that lesson. They also get membership to the exclusive Easy Embroidery! Facebook group forever, which is packed with extra course notes, projects, inspirations and even more how-tos. Even better it is a thriving community of fellow learners who share their stitchy ups and downs while helping each other along. Just think, only £65 to learn running stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, couching, French knots, woven circles, shading, hoop design, design transfer and hoop backing for a professional finish!

It’s all theirs

That’s because when you buy Easy Embroidery! the recipient has it forever. They own the course material which means they can do it all at once or they can spend the next year working through the lessons. It’s entirely up to them. They can go at their very own pace. And the joy of the gift of Easy Embroidery! is that in the exclusive Facebook group – of which they will be a member – there is always someone at the very same stage of the journey. Even better, there is always someone a few steps ahead who is willing to offer advice and support and I am always on hand too. Win win!

You’ll give them the gift that keeps on giving

It’s more than just the gift of Easy Embroidery!. It’s the gift that never ends. Not only does the recipient learn a new skill in the comfort of their own home but they can run as far as they want with it. They can use Easy Embroidery! as the basis for further lessons, to embellish their own garments, to create gifts for friends and family, to create their own home décor or to give them an introduction to textile art. Seriously, Easy Emrboidery! Is the jumping off point for so much creativity that it’s like a rocket-fired trampoline.

You can get it NOW

So as soon as you buy the course it is all yours (or, rather, theirs). There’s no waiting about for delivery times or panicked last-minute shopping. You can even buy and download this on Christmas eve and still have a gift to give come the festive morn.

You’ll help their mental health

I talk all the time about how embroidery helps me with my anxiety and recovery from depression, PND and PTSD. That’s because it forces me to sit quietly and stitch slowly. More than that, several of the women already doing Easy Embroidery! have told me how much calmer they feel when they practice their stitches too. It’s one of the reasons why I wrote this blog post about practicing mindful embroidery. And if you don’t believe me check out what Mollie Makes magazine says about it. So if you know a creative soul who could do with just slowing down, this is the gift of calm as well as the gift of embroidery.

You’ll help them make more friends

Here’s something now one knows about my Easy Embroidery! Facebook group: it’s become such a supportive community of fellow stitchers that they even turn to each other when the shit hits the fan. I don’t mean just buggering up a stitch. I mean real life shit like serious ill health. They rally around each other with everything from kind words to sending each other little gifts. By giving the gift of Easy Embroidery! to someone you’re doing more than showing them how to sew. You’re opening them up to the kind of supportive sisterhood that’ll make them coo with warmth.

You could help them make money

Several of the women on my Easy Embroidery! course have told me that they want to use their new stitchy skills to sell their own embroideries. Whether they want to make a few bob on the side or start their own businesses, this course gives them the foundation to do it. That’s what YOU give with the gift of Easy Embroidery! too. It’s more than just the chance to be creative. It’s even the chance to flex your entrepreneurial muscles.

You’ll give them the gift of, er, gifts

One of the joys of knowing how to embroider is that you’re never stuck for a gift to give someone else. Buy gifting this course to someone, you’re giving them the chance to do the same. If they want to give friends and rellies truly unique handmade gifts Easy Embroidery! means they can make them with their own hands and imagination. The Facebook group is packed with inspirations and ideas and gifts could be anything from unique hoops through to teeny items designed to say anything from “I love you!” to “I’m sorry!”

And if this little lot doesn’t convince you of the gift of Easy Embroidery!? Then let Marianne, an Easy Embroidery! student, tell you why it’s the only gift you need to give this Christmas.

I’m so glad I decided to do this course. It has taught me so much more than embroidery. It has built my confidence and taught me to embrace my mistakes. It has given me new friends and fresh ideas. And, through this course, I’ve found a real love for embroidery which brings me so much joy.”

Now, pass the wrapping paper. You’re about to bundle up Easy Embroidery! and make a loved one truly smile. Happy Christmas!