Textile art, kraken stylee

Kraken lovers, I have two words for you. Just the two. That’s right: textile art. You see, if 2014 at Kraken Kreations was marked by funky fabric bags, covers and cases, 2015 is going to be marked by my own kraken brand of textile arts. Applique textile art to be precise. I’ve decreed that while I’ll still make the wildly colourful products you’ve come to know and drool over I’ll also be turning my needle-pricked hands to drawing with fabric. Who needs pencils and paint when you’ve got a dangerously sharp pair of scissors and a noggin stuffed with ideas?

You see, if you’ve ever checked out my blog The Kraken Wakes (be warned; it’s sweary) you’ll know that when I’m not sweating over a satin stitch I’m a political beast. I’m nothing if not opinionated about social issues, equal rights, politics and the idiocy of people who drive while talking on their mobile phones. And the fact is that I don’t want these interests to be so separate any longer. In fact I am dying to combine them in a fit of craftivism, creating textile wall art that’s always gorgeous, frequently meaningful, occasionally shouty and sometimes sweary. So one week I’ll produce textile art of a rooftop scene in strident reds and yellows while another week I’ll produce the scene of a placard waving woman demanding her rights. Then again, I might create a calming boat scudding the ocean in aquas and greens one day while making unequivocal textile statements about rubbish telly the next. Fact is, it’ll be as much of a surprise for you as it will for me. What I make depends on where the scissors, and the rage, takes me.


And why now, you may ask (and even if you don’t ask I’m about to tell you anyway)? Because, kraken lovers, I have been inspired. A glorious friend of mine has a sitting room wall covered in the most glorious textile art that she’s picked up over the years and upon every visit I’ve stared at this art with admiration, awe and twitchy sewing fingers. And each time there’s be a mouse-sized voice in my head whispering, “Go on, kraken! Have a go! HAVE A GO!”. Which is what I eventually did, becoming cruelly addicted within minutes of unleashing my inner artist upon my fabric stash.

I’ve even started viewing scenes around me in fabric. No really. Could that blowing tree be rendered in hessian? Or would that speeding car look good in lime green zig zag cotton? Luckily before the birth of Kraken Junior I did a pile of art courses where I discovered that not only could I actually draw (take that, E-grade O’level!) but that I could produce a mean portrait too and textile art simply feels like an extension of that, where I use cotton instead of graphite and fabric instead of paints or pastels. Even better (and this is where I start sounding as if I have disappeared up my own arse) when I work with fabric it feels like a collaboration. I may want to represent a boat with orange satin but if the orange satin has other ideas and starts to fray then I have to work with it until the fabric and I find a compromise. I know. Compromise. Me. You heard it here first, OK?


Anyway, the upshot is that you can expect to see something very much different from Kraken Kreations in the next few weeks and months. I’ll keep working on all the faves and the commissions but I’ll also bring you wall art that’ll hopefully make you goggle, gasp, smile, giggle and rage, and not necessarily at the same time. And the best bit of all will be finding out what you all think of it. Art is madly subjective after all. You might love my work, you might hate it but one thing is guaranteed: you won’t miss it. Ready for 2015 then, kraken lovers? Really? C’mon then. Let’s go!

Matisse-style leaf