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The only travel bag you need

Looking for a new travel bag? Then you’re in the right place, Kraken lover! Some of you are planning your hols and fancy my slouches for your trips but don’t know if they’re big enough to carry what you need. Well, check out this film. I’m showing you what I take in my own slouchy travel bag. Oh, and once you’ve seen it, scroll on down for more…

So does that explain how handy my slouches are as travel bags? It does? Good. Because they’re worn across the body they’re perfect as travel bags so you can keep your hands free for everything from passport waving to scoffing ice-cream as you’re roaming around Paris. I love mine because it’s such a workhorse (and a brightly coloured one at that).

How they’re made

Now these bags are bogglingly strong (and I know, I WOULD say that, wouldn’t I?). It’s because the outer and inner layers are made from only three pattern pieces each. The handles and bag body itself are whole pieces of fabric, so they never break, and I stitch them together so securely at the apex that you could safely swing a litter of puppies in them. They’re also lined in soft coordinating cotton and I sandwich calico between these outer and inner fabrics to give the bag strength, durability and even better shape. Think of the calico as Spanx for accessories.

Do it your way

Don’t forget that if you want a very specific travel bag I can alter the slouch to suit you. The basic bag is 95cms from the apex of the handle to the bottom of the bag but I’ll happily change the length of the cross-body handle (just measure from your shoulder to the opposite hip and I’ll work out the rest). The slouch also has a magnetic clasp to close it but if you want me to add a zip (or pockets), go for it.

The slouch is usually £29 so the addition of zips or pockets might push it up to £35 ish but I’ll give you a definitive when we chat about design and fabrics. Oh, and talking of fabrics, you can choose any one you like from my online directory or I can source fabric especially for you. Just let me know what you fancy and I’ll find it for you.

And there’s more…

If you want to see what I carry about in my slouch every day, rummage through the bobbles here. Or you can find out more about commissioning  a travel bag here and here. If this lot doesn’t answer all of your questions then I’ll start worrying about the kind of questions you’re asking. Ask me anyway. I won’t call the police until it starts getting really creepy and by then I’d have run for the border.


…if you’re travelling this summer and need somewhere to stash books, passports and Pringles, you know where to come. Just holler for me at or message me via my Facebook page and we’ll work out your perfect travel bag. Now, pass me a boiled sweet will you? My ears are starting to pop.