autumn craft leaf mason jar

The only autumn crafts you need this season

If there was ever a time to get all up in the grill of autumn crafts, this is it. The days of wishing for an Indian summer are over, I’m afraid. Fear not though! This means whacking on a mahoosive pan of stew and dumplings and buggering about with oranges, yellows and reds while the central heating moves from celsius to kelvin. Autumn crafts mean surrounding yourself with warming colours and activities that are as therapeutic as they are exciting. You can even do this lot with the kids during half term if you have a) kids, b) patience and, c) a bottle of rum hidden at the back of the bathroom cabinet.

So, get your (leaf) peepers on this lot. You’ll find something to while away a blustery day whether you’re into sewing, paper fiddling, yarny pursuits or just scavenging for acorns, leaves and conkers. Ready? Got the hot chocolate on? Here we go!

Acorn art

One of the joys of autumn crafts is that you can bugger about outdoors and then come in for snugness and creativity. Both of these projects involve hunting for acorns and then using them as an excuse to crack open the glue and the paint. If you love a glittery acorn this project will tickle the life out of you but if you like more muted tones then this project is gorgeous. Don’t forget that once you have treated the acorns as described in these projects you could even string them on garlands by knotting a coordinating string around the ridge of the acorn cup. You may have to fend off the squirrels when doing it though, the nibbly shits.

Leaf garlands

Ok, so I adore the sound of this project but it’s because I have five massive recycling sacks of fabric scraps in the sewing shed. You don’t need to have collected a career’s worth of fabric though. You’ll be able to pick up fabrics in oranges, yellows and reds from remnant bins in fabric stores or even as fat quarters which are used for quilting. They tend to be sold as coordinating packs so all of the work is done for you. Find them in any autumn crafts section. The link includes all of the templates for the leaf shapes too so it’s easy to do, especially if you want to have a warming crumpet in one hand as you work.

Crochet pumpkin garland

No, I couldn’t crochet my way out of a hostage situation even if you gave me lessons, written instructions and a new pair of hands. It’s a foreign language to me. I know lots of you love your yarn work though so this project is a chance to use up that bright orange ball at the bottom of your stash. The lack of capital letters in the instructions make me want to lie down but the overall effect of the pumpkins is rather fun. My guess is that you can make these as large or as small as you like, using wadding to keep the pumpkins fat the larger you go. Sorry, did anyone say pie?

Origami pumpkins

You can’t escape pumpkins at this time of year. Then again, why would you want to? They’re a giant, orange autumn crafts heaven. This project can be done by both adults and kids and I suspect that once you get the hang of the folding it’s deeply therapeutic too.

You can pick up packs of paper in all manner of discount stores which makes this really inexpensive to make and once you have the hang of the folding technique can make these as large as you like.

Candles from tins

HAMMER KLAXON! HAMMER KLAXON! Tell the patriarchy to hang on. I have tins to hit. Ok, you also need room in the freezer to do this but the finished effect is so gorgeous that it is worth a bash (bash. Hammer. Geddit?) You can do any design you like, obvs, and if it were me I’d invariably go for swear words but this looks about as much fun as you can have with a, er, tool in your hand. You can find all of the deets for this autumn crafts project here. It is rainy day heaven. Anyway, what was I saying? Because everything after the word ‘hammer’ is white noise to me. *sprints to the tool shed while cackling*

Yarm pumpkins

Yup, more pumpkins but while these involve yarn they don’t involve knitting or crochet which makes them autumn crafts that are accessible to everyone. This project means blowing up balloons (put down that cigarette and get puffing) and slapping about the glue and the overall effect is rather lovely, especially when you have several pumpkins displayed together. The instructions even have a cracking tip for not having to pop the balloon in a way that’ll make the cat claw at your face, which is always a bonus.


Leaf mason jar

It’s an oldie but a goody because the overall effect is sooooo gorgeous. I love the shades and depth that is created from overlapping the leaves. Anyway, this autumn crafts project means you need a little pile of jars but you can also apply this method to teeny glass tealight holders or anything else that will allow the light to filter through the oranges and yellows. It’s also worth finishing off the jars with the raffia although if you don’t want to go with a bow (and I am not a bow kinda girl) you can simply knot the raffia and snip. Vasectomy style.

Book and leaf bunting

Right, so this project partly makes me want to openly weep and partly makes me want to dance. The thought of destroying a book haunts me but I also love the idea of seeing my fave words hung about the house. My suggestion for this autumn crafts project is to pick up really cheap copies of your fave books. You can find them on Amazon’s marketplace for pennies, for example. Then when the garland is done hang it where you’ll routinely pass it, catching glimpses of sentence and paragraphs that’ll make your heart soar (as well as make you want to sit in front of the fire for an evening of reading)

Leaf coasters

Cor! This autumn crafts project is a corker because you don’t have to make the tiles (which is what I thought when I first saw it). You can pick up the tiles from a DIY or craft store and use them instead. Whew! The trick to this project  is to make sure you pair up the tiles and leaves in a way that make both sing. You can match them tonally or go with complete contrasts but take the time to make each tile count. And when they are done, you know what to do, right? You pour yourself a warming brew (just to test the coasters, natch), snuggle into your fave chair, turn up the fire to 11 and admire the work you’ve done to bring autumn in. Who needs that Indian summer after all?