It’s Christmas!

Now, what I am about to tell you ain’t easy. In fact, as the type of woman who usually has to be restrained by security when she spots the vile pre-December flogging of stollen in Tesco, I am all but choking on my words. That’s because it’s Christmas in my sewing shed. I know, I know, feel free to hate me. God knows, I almost hate me.

Thing is, if I’m serious about turning Kraken Kreations into a concern worthy of the Ftse 100 then I have to crack on with Christmas. In my heart I’d only start thinking of sparkling ribbon at 00.01 am on December 1st but in my head I’m dry humping Noddy Holder while he yodels about Santa in the middle of a blazing August. That’s why, today, I surrounded myself with the finest felt, ric rac, ribbon and buttons  and set about rustling up this little lot:



Don’t panic, though. I shan’t sell them until festive shopping becomes an acceptable and timely pursuit. Problem is that if the other crafters I know are anything to go by that is any time now: they are already selling their Crimbo offerings thanks to customer demand. I, though, shall at least hang on until it’s cold enough for the central heating to go back on again. Be thankful for one thing though and it is that I am not selling you this:


When I made it I was convinced that it was a spangly icicle, until, that is, Kraken Junior told me she loved my blue carrot. And you know what? She’s bloody well right. It does look like a carrot. Perhaps I’ll sell it in time for the harvest festivals instead. And rest assured that when I do put my Crimbo decs in this here shop there won’t be any icicles harmed in the making of them. Minced pie, anyone? Hmm?