In yer face!

Look, you might have noticed by now that I don’t do pastels. Or florals. Or any fabrics that don’t punch you in the face before leaving you for dead. That’s because pastels and florals just aren’t the kraken style. I prefer my prints to be the sewing equivalent of a drag queen – unmistakable, glorious and all the colour in the world crammed into one wonderful creature. Thing is, not everyone, well, gets it. As well as having fistfuls of happy customers I have fistfuls of people wondering what I was thinking when I decided to make a tote bag, gadget case or an item of home decor out of an eye-searing geo print.

Let me explain. Apart from the fact that bold colours make my knees buckle, I’m sick of seeing us modern women offered endless products that attempt to turn us back into 50s housewives. Course, it’s all about choice but the problem is that there is such little choice for those of us women who want our homes and accessories to be more daring than demure.



Here’s an example: that there pic above is of my latest buy, a thick cotton fabric in such a blaring shade of orange that six year old Kraken Junior and I argued over whether it was actually red. And it popped like a firework when I added those green buttons. The same goes for the next pic where I took a gorgeous blue soft cotton and spilled yellows and orange buttons onto it, turning them into tropical brights:

Colour blog2

Oh, and what about this next pic, a fiery pink cotton fabric sporting such a cooling drizzle of blue buttons that I’m this close to squeezing myself into my swimming cossie and diving in:

Colour blog 3

These pics are exactly why I love these unabashed colours: because they refuse to fade into the background, the accessory equivalent of hollering “Coo-ee!” at someone across the street at the top of my voice. I’m a woman who grabs life by the bollocks and I want my creations to do the very same thing. That’s why I don’t do pastels and florals and that’s why Kraken Kreations is shit out of subtlety. It’s time to get your sunglasses.