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I’m selling through the Coronavirus. Here’s why.

Oooh, this has made me so stroppy. Look, in case you needed to hear this, I’m still selling. The Coronavirus might have hit but while my sewing shed is well stocked – and my post office visits can be safely managed – nothing has changed. Problem is, that other small businesses I know have had criticism for doing exactly this. They’ve been called insensitive, grabby and even profiteers and all because their businesses haven’t closed as a result of the lockdown. So just in case anyone reading this has had similar thoughts about Kraken Kreations, here’s why I am still selling too…

To earn money

You’ve heard enough stories about the Coronavirus rendering families stony broke. The media is rammed with reports of people who have been laid off and the benefits system is almost incapable of keeping up with new requests. By selling what I can, I can keep contributing to my family’s much needed income without having to burden the benefits system at all. In fact, the money I could claim is much better spent on a family that needs it more urgently than I do. Who could argue with that? Oh God, I had to ask…

To stay afloat

Fact is that this Corona-madness WILL come to an end. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now but a day will come when we can all go back to normal. When that happens, I want Kraken Kreations to still exist. If I stop trading now and shut up shop then what will happen when we all go back to work? I simply won’t have any work and, at best, I’ll have to build up this business all over again. Forget knee-jerk reactions. I’d rather keep my eyes on the horizon.

To help people

I have so many orders for washable facial pads since the lockdown started that it’s amazing. Suddenly everyone seems to be realising that the more reuseables they have, the less they need to go out to buy items and risk catching the Coronavirus. So if aforementioned customers want to buy washable facial pads from me, why shouldn’t they? And don’t forget that when I DO sell them it’s for the usual price of £12 for a set of ten. I haven’t suddenly hiked up the price to £100 like those businesses now flogging hand sanitiser for the price of a small car.

To do my duty

Fact is that when I sell, other businesses benefit. I don’t make my own wooden hoops for embroidered pieces. I buy them off a small business who relies on those sales to pay the bills. The same goes for every other aspect of what I make. The fabric, the threads, the buttons, the envelopes all comes from other businesses who are also sweating bullets. And if I stop buying from them because I stop selling? Then we go down like dominoes. It’d be the pounds and pence version of spreading the bloody virus that has besieged us in the first place.

To stay healthy

I’ve spoken loads of times in the past about how much Kraken Kreations contributes to my well-being. It gives me purpose, hope, creativity and productivity while challenging, teaching and surprising me. To put a stop to that would be nothing short of a self-care disaster. Sewing saved my bacon when I was recovering from my breakdown and it continues to do so every day. If anyone thinks it’d be better for me to shut up shop, I’m assuming they’ll also be happy to care for me when I’m gibbering in a corner again.

So, if you want to order anything from me? I’m still here, I’m still selling and I’m still making. Don’t be scared to buy anything, commission an item or just chat on social media. And please ask any questions if you are worried about ordering in the current climate. I’m here to help as I have always been and as I intend to stay. The virus can get in the sea along with anyone who suggests I do otherwise.