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How I use washable facial pads

So you want to see how I use washable facial pads? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you can stand to see me poke at my eye make-up. In this vlog you’ll find out loads of stuff about my washable facial pads and you can scroll below it to get a pile of links, ordering deets and contact links if you have any questions. So, grab your popcorn and your eye make-up remover. We’re going in…

So, you survived? Crikey, you have a stronger stomach than I thought. Anyway, that’s how I use washable facial pads and if you fancy a bash yourself here’s what you need:

How they work

You can find out how my washable facial pads are made here along with why you should use them, how to look after them, how to use them, how long they’ll last… look just grab a cuppa and have a read, OK? OK!

How to buy

If you’ve already been convinced, then you need to go no further than here where you can order your pads in multiples of ten. You can also pick up one of my envelopes here if you don’t want your pads to get tangled up with your pants. It’s that easy. And if you’ve already signed up to my newsletter your discount will be applied with the code that’s been emailed to you. I mean, c’mon, what more do you want?

How to ask

Any questions about this lot, though, can come directly to me at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk where I’ll do everything I can to help apart from actually cleanse your face for you (unless you are George Clooney waving a one-way ticket to his Italian villa, in which case… when do you want me?). We can chat about your preferred prints, orders not in multiples of ten, sizes… anything you like.

How to, er, bleed

If if you already have my washable facial pads and fancy applying the rules of your face to your flange, you can check out my cotton sanitary pads too. They work on the very same principles but they are made to order and to suit your periods, even those that threaten your sofa with tsunami-style attacks.

How to save

And finally, if you want to receive my newsletter, just subscribe in the pop-up box on this website. You’ve missed the facial pad discount (what were you thinking?) but there’ll be other discounts each month and you can use them on all sorts of Kraken Kreations treats. Whoop!

So what do you think? Do you like these pads? Hate them? Or have any comments or questions you want to share (and keep ’em clean!)?