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How to transfer embroidery designs

Listen up, kraken lovers! In case you missed it on my Facebook page this week (what? WHY?), here’s my vlog about how I transfer my designs from paper onto fabric. I use the carbon paper method for my embroidery hoops and you can find out how this particular brand of witchcraft works in my little film (note the windswept hair from my commute across the patio to my sewing shed). If this method doesn’t grab your fancy, though, scroll on below the vlog…

The fact is, darlings, is that there are several ways of transferring your designs onto fabric. The above method is the one that works best for me but the links below have loads of other methods. By the way, everything you need to transfer your designs can be found in haberdasheries or bought online. If you have a friendly local haberdashery, though, pop in and ask. Supporting them means you are doing your bit and the chances are that you’ll glean some cracking advice in the process. My fave haberdashery is a bloody godsend. It contains everything I will ever need and the lovely women who run it talk me down from confusion and bewilderment several times a year.

Anyway, yes, enough of that. Links…

Craftsy sums up everything you need to know in this post. You can see my carbon paper method on there too if, freakishly, you don’t think I’ve taught you to suck eggs enough.

This, by The Spruce, covers all sorts of options including pouncing which I gather is also used my portrait artists who want to transfer markings onto canvas. I’m dying to try it if only to tell people that I have spent my entire working day pouncing.

If you prefer your explanations sweary and fun (isn’t that MY job, though?) check out this by Badass Cross Stitch. It’s got really clear illustrations too.

For a really detailed tour of pattern transference this post by Patchwork Posse doesn’t cover all of your options but it goes into wonderful detail of those that it does.

Seriously, if this little lot doesn’t get you transferring even your photocopied arse onto fabric then there’s nothing I can do for you. You now have no excuse for not stitching hoop after hoop after hoop and in a way that inspires you.

Show me what you have stitched and I’ll share it with my followers and customers over at www.facebook.com/krakenkreations too!