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How to commission sewing for camping

Ever thought about how to commission sewing for camping trips? No, I thought not. I mean, it’s niche, right? But forget picking up your camping gear in Mountain Warehouse when you could make it fun instead. I mean, would you buy any old functional bag to lug about your books and patriarchy-destroying toolage? Nope. So don’t do it when you cavort through the great outdoors either.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that here at Kraken Kreations I do sewing for camping. Want a travel bag? Hanging storage? Festival style bunting? Oddly shaped cushion covers? Then I’m yer girl. You can use the fabrics in my online directory or I can source fabrics for you including waterproof varieties. All you need to do is know how to commission your camping gear…

Cushions and pillows

For the usual stuffed cushions just measure the width and length and give me the deets. I’ll make covers to fit and with any finish that you like : envelope, zipped, buttoned, tied…

For anything that is box shaped (usually foam) just give me the width, length and depth. You can have any finish you like with these but I suggest zipped because they look really neat and are more protective.

Remember that if you want covers to go outdoors I can make them waterproof. It means that when you get drunk and collapse in your tent, leaving your seats outside, the world (or your cushion covers) won’t end. Sewing for camping is nothing if not functional after several ciders and a quick stagger into a hedge.


This is where sewing for camping comes into its own. Think about why you need storage and between us we’ll work out how I can help. Don’t just think of tubs and bags though. I also make sky pockets, which is length of five pockets that hangs like bunting, but with individual pockets deep enough to keep anything from kids’ toys to  kitchen equipment.

As with the bunting , think about where and how you want to hang the sky pockets and give me the measurements. It’s also worth thinking about what you want to put in the pockets. Do you want them to be really deep so you can fill them with socks and pants? Or do you want them to be more shallow so you can fill them with bobbles and keys?

I also make hanging pockets which are like storage ladders. Again, just measure where and how you want them to hang, and what you want to put in them. I can then design them especially for you and you’ll never have to rummage under you sleeping bag for your brush again.


Look, if you’re spending a fortnight in the countryside you may as well put your stamp on it with bunting.  The average lengths I make are 3m with 10 flags but I can make them as long or as short as you like. Just measure where you’d like to hang it.

Remember, though, that my bunting has loops on either end so tell me if you want Velcro loops instead. You can then wrap the loop around anything you like. I can even add them to the middle of the bunting so you can use poles to mark your territory as per Great British etiquette.

Toiletry bags

Forget the basic shop bought variety. I can make you a waterproof toiletry bag with a zip and flap closure or a huge bag with pockets for individual medications. Or it could be a waterproof bag that’s colour coordinated with a cross body handle so that it’s easy to carry when you are loaded with towels and on the way to the shower. In short, this is all about your own needs and imagination. Make up a wish list and then leave it to me to design it and price it up for you.

Project bags

My idea of camping involves sewing peacefully in the sunshine as the birds chatter around me. If that’s yours too I’ll make you a durable project case for your own sewing, knitting or crochet. It could be a travel bag that you sling over your arm or you can have an entire project case with a carry handle. It can have any sequence of inner and outer pockets and even a small matching pouch for bits n bobs such as pins.

Personal hygiene

Leave your campsite as gorgeous as you found it by reducing your rubbish and taking home what you brought. This is one of the joys for sewing for camping. My washable facial pads, cotton sanitary pads and re-useable kitchen towels (message me about these) can all get chucked in the wash once they have been used.

My facial pads come in sets of ten random prints but you can chose your fave prints and I also make cotton envelopes to keep them all together when they go in the wash.

My cotton sanitary pads, on the other hand, are bespoke depending on your periods. You can get all of the info on how to order them here and then contact me with your wishlist about size, shape and absorbency. We’ll chat about your fave prints from my online directory and go from there. Don’t forget that I also make wet bags for cotton sanitary pads so you can keep them tucked away when you are out an about.


From totes to bags for, well, sleeping bags I can make whatever your fabulous brain imagines. Strap and handle length, pocket sizes, bag depths and widths, durability, style… just let me know what you have in mind and I can make it for you.

If you’re stuck for ideas how about:

A small cross body bag for when you go out and about or to a festival in your fave summer print

A patchwork style weekend bag big enough to carry clothes and toiletries

A lined duffel bag with an ultra-durable base and inner pockets in your fave colours

A pocketed belt for your money, phone keys and other bits that leaves you hands-free

A light cotton tote for picking up food from the local supermarket

A drawstring laundry bag for your dirty clothes that can be kept in a corner or hung in your tent.


And if I haven’t mentioned anything that you want? Just let me know! Sewing for camping isn’t just restricted to what I’ve listed here. In fact, if you have a storage or bag brainwave at 3am just give m the deets and I’ll make it happen. See, I told you that sewing for camping was practical as well as gorgeous, didn’t I?

If you have any questions about what I can make for you, message me at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk and we can talk it all over. Deal? Deal!