Anatomical research

How I research my anatomical embroideries

If you’ve ever wondered how I research my anatomical embroideries (and lots of people do) you’re in for a treat. Now, you’ve seen my finished anatomical embroideries lots of times on Facebook and Twitter and I routinely show you my work in progress. However, you’re yet to see how I prep my noggin for my pieces.

While I have an all-consuming interest in anatomy (and this vlog will show you how all-consuming it really is) I don’t have any professional qualifications at all. That means the bar for my accuracy and skill is set very high when a surgeon or consultant requests a commission because they DO know about anatomy. In fact, they see inside the human body on any given work day. That means it’s my job to create embroideries that are as accurate as they are gorgeous. That’s when I get stuck into my research.

This vlog will take you through everything I do to create anatomical embroideries and yes, some of it is gory (although there is no blood in this vlog). There is, though, a very particular book that might make you squirm.  Don’t fear though. You’ll be warned before I start waving it about. And don’t forget to scroll down below the vlog for info and deets in case you want to know more or even commission a piece. So, got your surgical gown on? Scrubbed your hands? Good, because we’re going in…

So did you shut your eyes at that warning of mine? Or did you stick with me? Either way, thanks for watching! My anatomical embroideries create such a stir that I thought it worth pulling back the curtain to see the wizard (ha!) at work. I really am a lone woman at the controls of the Royal Palace of Oz. It takes a lot of work to pull all of those, er knobs.

Oh, and if you want to see more of my embroideries you can check out my hand, face, heart, uterus and eyeball, among others, and you can read about how I started working on anatomical embroideries in this Bored Panda piece.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions or commissions you just have to shout by emailing me at I’m happy to chat about anything to do with my anatomical embroideries so don’t be afraid to ask because I could geek out about this stuff all day long.

So, what do you think about how I research my anatomical work? Do I go too far or not far enough? And do you think the effort is worth it when you see the final pieces? Feel free to let me know in the comments section!