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One two, one two…

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

After several months of being bum-deep in fabric, button obsessed and so pin pricked that I may have actually drained myself of blood, Kraken Kreations is online. My determination to create handsewn items that revel in wild colours and ballsy prints has finally paid off. And it’s been a journey of excitement, colour and panic, the panic usually being at 3am when I ask: will anyone buy my products? Am I alone in adoring eye-catching colours?  How does the website look? What in the staggerment of hell is search engine optimization?

Believe me, when my now departed Nanna showed me how to sew as a child I had no idea that one day I would sell my creations (or should I say kreations). Nor did she, bless her. So after a two-decade hiatus where I became a freelance journalist, I’ve returned to my first love of conjuring gorgeous trinkets and treats from bolts of fabric, spools of thread and my ever-colourful imagination. I’ve actually gone and swapped the pen for the needle.

So if you fancy brightening up your life, grab a cuppa and no fewer than three Jaffa cakes and spend a glorious hour rummaging through this site. And if you fancy hearing about my latest ideas, fabric finds, what’s about to pop up on the site and how often I have sworn at my sewing machine lately keep an eye on this blog. Every post will be an insight into the fevered sewing shed of Kraken Kreations.