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Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

It’s time for my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas! I know, it’s ‘only’ November but if you want to gift a Kraken Kreations you need to get on my order list NOW. Don’t forget that everything I make is stitched from scratch, which is why hitting up this website on December 15th will only end in tears (and I mean yours, not mine, because I’ll be face down, in my shed, in a tin of Quality Street).

That’s why I’ve come up with a pile of gift solutions that are either already available on this website or can be commissioned in any fabric from my online directory. This lot will inspire you, solve your what-the-hell-do-I-buy panics and win you a shit-ton of brownie points because your gift will be meaningful, unusual and unique. So, are you ready?  Got your festive sack, er, I mean, mind open for my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas? Here we go then…

Gifts for life jugglers

You know exactly who I’m talking about: they have jobs, kids, pets, hobbies, houses, cars and all of the frantic, bug-eyed chaos that goes with the attendant plate spinning. The chances are that they could do with a spot of colourful organisation in their lives. My handcrafted Christmas gift ideas include caddies, desktop tubs or sky pockets for their workspace, a pocket ladder for their bathroom or bedroom, a car bucket for their people carrier or a notice board for the millions reminders they need to call the optician/ plumber/ childminder/ therapist.

Gifts for bag lovers

Just think about the type of bag you’d like to give someone and I’ll make it. Do you want a reinforced tote for someone who lugs about paperwork and files, a gusseted bag for a shopper, a weekend bag for someone who likes to get away, a mini zipped slouch bag for carrying the bare essentials or a cross body slouch bag for a woman who carries around enough stuff to survive the apocalypse at the drop of a hat? Whatever your, er, baggy problem you have let me find the solution.

Gifts for craft lovers

Look, it doesn’t matter if they sew, crochet, knit, paint, decoupage or assemble giant replicas of the Titanic out of toilet roll holders. I can make an accessory for them. From my yarny travels bags and project cases through to my storage pockets, desktop tubs and caddies you can buy one off the shelf or I can make one in any size, shape and colour. I even make cash aprons for people who sell their creations at craft fairs and will happily rustle up any other handcrafted Christmas gift ideas that you have for them too.

Gifts for the unapologetic

We all know someone who makes our jaws drop with the things they say or do. What you need is handcrafted Christmas gift ideas that will make THEIR jaw drop on Christmas Day. You could give them a sweary hoop, a bundle or just a subversive tree hoop, all of which should tickle their shouty-bone. I’ll hand-embroider their fave phrase or an in-joke on anything you like  from on a piece of textile art to a sneaky secret label on the inside of a slouch bag. Let your imagination run amok!

Gifts for gadget lovers

Don’t go buying in a gadget cover from China. I’ll make one for you and it will truly stand out from all the rest. For someone addicted to their phone I can make any phone sleeve you like. As for iPads, tablets and Kindles I can make both sleeves and flip-open covers including with pockets for notes and styluses. Laptop lovers won’t be left out either. I can make sleeves or envelope style covers in any colour or fabrics you like. Every gadget is personal to us so why not make the covers personal too? All you have to do is give me the make and model or the actual measurements and I’ll make it to fit.

Gifts for travel lovers

Forget boring travel cases. I mean, who needs a plain black Samsonite when you could have a weekend bag in twelve different prints. These duffel bags are perfect for campers, my car buckets are ideal for people who spend hours in the car with their kids and pets and my bucket bags will carry everything from mahoosive towels through to sunblock and flip-flops. My handcrafted Christmas gift ideas even include bespoke bum bags for people who travel with their pooches, perfect for carrying keys, phones, tissues, money and poo bags. Yum!

Gifts for colour lovers

If you can’t find the right colour red or blue or the, well, red or blue lover in your life, leave it to me and my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas. I’ll find it for you and make any item you like in that colour. Most recently I’ve made a notice board  in a customer’s footy club colours but I can make any item in my shop (or whatever is in your head) in those colours too. So go on, have a think about which friends and family have a love of a particular colour and I’ll create something to make them light up!

Gifts for people who have everything

I have four words for you: Joy Division oven gloves. They’re just one example of the left-field things I make for my customers. I genuinely doesn’t matter how out-there are your handcrafted Christmas gift ideas. The chances are that if it’s made with fabric I can make it for you. Whether it’s a hand-embroidered hoop with a particular message on it, an oversized backpack, personalised indoor bunting or a cover for a special book leave it to me. You can choose the colour or fabrics and it will be made to your exact spec. Just message me at to chat over what you want.

And if that’s not enough you can find out what you need to know to commission an item here and how I’ve solved the problems of individual customers with my stitching here. I even address your commissioning concerns here. You can even read about why we should gift more sweary textile art!

So, if you’re inspired by any of the above, let me know NOW. We can chat about it what you want without even a whiff of obligation to you. Just email me at with whatever is in your head and together we’ll bag you all the Crimbo brownie points you can stand. Deal? Deal!