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Don’t know if you have ever suffered from some sort of blockage (inspirational, not rectal) but if you have you’ll know that it’s as frustrating as a traffic queue when you need a wee. You’re in the mood to be creative, you’ve finally got the time, space and energy but you’ll be buggered if you’ve got an idea. Course, one of the reasons why I launched Kraken Kreations is because I’m stuffed to the brim with ideas for bags or gift sets or home decor (some wonderful, one or two ludicrous) but there are still days when I sit at my sewing table and wonder when the idea fairy is going to start rapping her fist on my forehead.

shed 11

That’s why I’ve turned my sewing shed into a shrine to ideas. I figured that if I packed my shed with colour and images that flick my switch then I’d never be devoid of inspiration. So even though one entire wall of my shed is full of fabrics, ribbons, ric rac, buttons and patterns the other walls are home to canvases, postcards, prints, photos, embroidery and even pictures drawn by Kraken Junior. The biggest is this acrylic canvas I painted of my now-dead dog Marvin, just as a reminder that even when I don’t feel creative I know that that it’s in me, just well hidden.

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The smallest inspiration is this collection of cards and knick-knacks. I choose them mainly for their colours but several of these were discovered while clearing out my mum-in-law’s house. The bright retro designs are exactly what I love to find in my fabrics.

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There are postcards from art galleries and museums here too because if a painting stops me in my tracks, that’s exactly the impact I want my products to have. My fave is this one by Salvador Dali. It’s called Muchacha en la Ventana (Girl in the Window) and hangs in the Reina Sophia in Madrid. When I saw it in the gallery there (the painting is enormous) I burst into tears. Now that I get to look at it every day it reminds me that standing still is sometimes as important as frantic sewing.

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The upshot of this is that even if I don’t need the inspiration my sewing shed has now become my den. It’s where I surround myself with the things that I love while I make, think, chill and, when I have a new fabric, get excited. It’s also where I do a lot of shouting at the radio but you don’t need to know that bit. Not this week at least.

So instead of waiting for inspiration to come to you, go out and get it. Tear inspiration from magazines, take photos, sketch doodles, buy postcards, print images and surround yourself with them. Just as this has taken to me  Kraken Kreations, you never know where it might take you too.

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