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Easy Embroidery! Your common course concerns

So you know by now that Easy Embroidery! has launched. It’s a fun and accessible online embroidery course for absolute beginners and you can buy the course here and join the exclusive Facebook group here. Thing is, lots of you want to know if Easy Embroidery! is right for you. So I’ve gathered together your most common course concerns and  – you guessed it – solved them. Here you go…

I know nothing about sewing!

You don’t have to! This course will teach you everything from using a needle through to designing your first hoop. It’s designed for complete beginners and thanks to my exclusive Facebook page you’ll be surrounded by support at every step. Don’t let your lack of experience be one of your common course concerns because that’s why the course exists: to get you started!

How does the course work?

You can subscribe to the free part of the course HERE and join the exclusive Facebook group HERE. This is how you’ll keep informed about the course and find out if it is right for you. You can also buy the paid-for portion of the course HERE but you won’t receive the lessons until they are released from Friday 4 October. That’s when you’ll be removed from the subscription list and the exclusive group if you have NOT bought the lessons.

What if I can’t keep up?

You don’t have to because this course is done at your own pace. The first 3 FREE lessons are fortnightly from Friday 6 Sept 2019 and the remaining 9 lessons all get sent to you when you buy them. You can do them all at once or spread them over several months and the exclusive Facebook group is designed to support you whichever part of the learning journey you are on.

What equipment do I need?

If you have a needle, thread, scissors and an old tea towel, it is enough for you to learn what I’ll be teaching. On the course I’ll be using embroidery needles, embroidery thread and a hoop but you can pick these up if you love the course enough to keep going. You don’t have to invest in anything to start so this shouldn’t be among your common course concerns. And if you don’t have needles and thread? You can pick up the right needles here for just 95p and a skein of embroidery thread here for 95p.

Do I need a hoop?

Yes, it’ll be handy for you to have one. You can manage without one, though, until the last few lessons and when you do decide to buy you can get one HERE for £1.79.

What if the course isn’t for me?

Well, if you are a member of the exclusive Facebook group and you see the first three FREE lessons by subscribing you’ll know whether it is for you without spending a single penny. If you don’t like the course that’s fine although you will be removed from the group when the paid portion of it kicks in.

I only have an hour to spare every week. Is it enough for the course?

Yes! Each lesson is delivered by video and written instructions and created in a way that makes it really easy to use and follow. You can easily get the hang of each lesson in the space of an hour and because you can learn at your own pace you can spread one lesson over as long a period as you like.

Can I stay in the group if I don’t buy the lessons?

Nope, ‘fraid not. I’m happy for everyone to take advantage of the group and three free lessons but when the paid portion kicks in it is only fair that only buying customers see it. You know what the answer to this is, though, right? Buy the course for the EARLY BIRD £35 and then you won’t miss out on anything!

What if I get stuck? Who can I ask for help?

This should never be one of your common course concerns because this is why the Facebook group exists. It’ll run well into 2020 (and longer if you all love it) and will always be full of hints, tips, advice, support and inspirations. I’ll also be available in the group every day so if you are stuck you just have the post a question and I’ll respond.

Can I pay now?

You certainly can! Hit THIS to get the course product page and buy it for the early bird £35. Then when I receive your order I will make sure you are on the subscription list. All you then have to do is join the Facebook group HERE.

What if I forget when the course starts?

You can’t. That’s because when you buy it or subscribe to the free part (and you can do this HERE) you get regular emails telling you what you need to know and do. Just keep an eye on your emails for further information and make sure you are a member of the exclusive Facebook group.

I hate subscribing to emails. Do I have to?

Yes. All of the lessons will be sent to you on subscription and without subscribing you won’t get the three FREE lessons either. You’d be mad to do that!

Do I have to join the group?

No, but you would be mad not to do this too. The group is part of what you are paying for. It’ll help to guide and inspire you as you work your way through the course and will be boundless help if you get stuck. You can do the course on your own if you really want to but you’ll be losing golden opportunity to get so much more from it than just 12 lessons.

Where do I pay?

Right here. Make the most of the EARLY BIRD price!

Where do I subscribe?

Right here. Just fill in your details and you will get sent all of the info and links that you need.

Where can I find the group?

Right here. Just answer the three questions and join in!

Can I get a refund on the course?

No. You can’t. You can find out if the course is right for you through the free subscription and exclusive Facebook group so by the time you buy you’ll know if it is a good fit. Also, the lessons never date because once you have bought them you can keep them for as long as you like.

Why should I do THIS course?

It’s fun, accessible and inspirational. I’ll never assume you know what a skein of thread or a crewel needle is. At an early bird £35 it’s brilliant value and it’s delivered straight to your inbox. The group means you are helped at every step of the way in real time and, even better, if all you have is a needle, thread and an old teatowel, you can still do the course. You get to keep all of the lessons too so you can do them at your own pace and keep going back to them too.

How detailed are the lessons?

Each lesson comes with a short video and written instructions on the stitches you need to know, design techniques and transfer and how to finish a hoop. They also come with suggestions for challenges to test yourself. And that’s it! You won’t be pushed into learning lots of things in one go and the main part of the course is your ability to practice what you are being shown.

What format are the lessons?

Videos and written instructions, all sent directly to your email inbox.

You’ve convinced me. What now?

Subscribe to the course here and join the group here. You can also buy the course right now here, although you won’t get the lessons until they are sent to everyone from Friday 4 October. Then just join in with the group, keep your eye on your emails and start learning when the first free lesson is released on Friday 6 September!

Don’t forget that if you have any concerns that I haven’t covered here you just have to shout. Message me here and I will do everything I can to help.