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Buy in installments at Kraken Kreations

Ever fancied a Kraken Kreations product and wished you could buy it in installments? Well (gasp) now you can! Thing is, I have been doing this informally for a while, with customers asking if they can make two or three payments before they buy an item. Now, though, it is open to everyone. So if you want to make payments to buy items at Christmas or for a special birthday all you have to do is ask.

How does it work?

Well, you can either decide upon a particular item that you’d like to buy in installments or you can just want to purchase anything from Kraken Kreations in the future. Then all you have to do is contact me here where we can talk about your wish list and we can crank the installment process into action.

Why do I need it?

As much as we all love handmade we also know that it’s not always affordable thanks to the amount of time, work, precision and design that goes into it. This is especially the case with my anatomical embroideries which are £300, phrase embroideries which are £55 and more complex items such as my backpacks which are £75. Spreading the cost just makes it easier and it isn’t costing you a penny more than you would pay in one lump sum. That goes for any item that you buy from Kraken Kreations.

Who can do it?

Anyone who wants to buy a Kraken Kreations product, commission an item or purchase a gift card can buy in installments. It’s especially handy for ongoing purchases such as cotton sanitary pads where your needs may change over the months or you want to build up your stock.

What do I need?

Paypal. Not just because I use it almost exclusively at Kraken Kreations but because it’s easy, quick, secure, watertight and both of us can keep track of what payments have been made and when. It’s perfect if you want to buy in installments. It also gives you recourse for action should you think I’m about to run off to Monaco with your savings and start a F1 team.

How do I use Paypal?

All you need is an email address and bank account details. It’s FREE, straightforward and easy to set up. You can go here to start the process or you can find out more about setting up a Paypal account here.

How much can I pay?

As much or as little you like. Well, kind of. I only ask that the minimum installment payment is £10 because buying a £300 anatomical embroidery with £1 a week will send us both over the edge. However, it can be £10 a week, fortnight or month or even in random payments as and when you have it. There’s no pressure for your payments to be made by particular dates although check out the T&Cs below if you’re aiming to buy in installments for Christmas or other special dates.

How will we keep track of payments?

Well, Paypal which gives us both all of the deets so we always know where we stand. In addition to this each time one of your installments appears in my Paypal account I’ll drop you an email to let you know I have it. You are also welcome to email me when you send your payment so that I can check it has arrived safely at my end before confirming.

What do you need from me?

When you get in touch all I’ll need to know is whether you have a particular Kraken Kreations item in mind. You may want to keep your options open or commission something new. It’s up to you but we can discuss this and confirm the details before any payments are made. You are welcome to change your mind later on.

It would also be a huge help if you tell me whether you want an item by a particular date. I can then help keep track of when you have paid enough and make sure I have an empty space in my order book to make up your item in time.

You’ll also need to have an idea of what you want to pay and when, as well as a Paypal account set up, just to give me an idea of what to expect from you. I’ll then ask you to make your first payment, payable to cath@krakenkreations.co.uk through Paypal.

What if I pay more than I eventually spend?

You can either agree to the outstanding amount being ‘rolled over’ and added to future installments or you can have this sum refunded. If you have purchased a Kraken Kreations item you won’t be expected to pay the £10 deposit mentioned below.

What if I change my mind?

That’s OK. I’m not going to force you to buy a set of sky pockets that you don’t want. However the first £10 of your installment also acts as a deposit for the slot it reserves in my order list. Any refunds will be minus that amount unless I am refunding you the remainder of your ‘account’ after you’ve made a purchase. That make sense?

So what are the terms and conditions?

This isn’t a complicated scheme and I’m hardly Barclay’s Bank so this is what we all need to know:

If your installments are being made for a particular item you’ll receive that item after making your LAST payment.

It usually takes 2 – 3 weeks for an item to be made and posted so this is how long you will have to wait after your final payment. Obvs, I’m not a monster so I’ll get it to you sooner if I can.

Make sure you pay your final installment with enough time for me to make up your items. If you want items for Christmas especially, make your last payment in November because my last order days tend to hit in the first fortnight of December. You get the idea.

Remember that the first £10 of your installment also acts as a deposit for your place in my order list so any refunds if you change your mind will be minus that amount.

If you stop making installments for an unusual period of time I’ll make every reasonable effort to contact you to see how you want to proceed. If I don’t receive any communication from you after 18 months of my last communication, you’ll forfeit your installments and I’ll blow them on fabric and crisps.

You can only spend your installments with Kraken Kreations or have them redeemed minus the 10% deposit. This is NOT a savings account.

Course, if you have any questions you just have to contact me at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk or through my social media channels. I’m happy to discus whatever you have in mind and how I can help. Easy!