7 handmade ways to go green with Kraken Kreations

Look, I can’t promise to make your 2020 greener than Greta (I have a sewing machine, not a magic wand). I do, though, have several handmade ways to go green up my sleeve. So if you want to make this year your most environmentally friendly yet, here’s how I can help you do it. Steady yourself now…

Find a tote that you adore to replace your plastic bags. And I say ‘adore’ because any old tote will get dumped or lost. By investing in a tote that sings to you, you’ll take care of it. My totes are lined and triple stitched and cost £16 but I can make them unlined for £10 (just ask at Then all you have to do is pick fabric from my online directory or ask me to source it for you. Easy!

One of the best handmade ways to go green is by investing in my reuseable sanitary pads. They are made with fabrics that are soft and absorbent, stitched to be skinny and held in place with poppers. My customers swear by them for all sorts of reasons and they even say that their period pains are better because they aren’t packing their pants with irritants. In fact, here’s what one customer has said about them:

Remember that shop bought pads are rammed with plastic and that godawful ‘scent’ . They are the ultimate one-use plastic. My sanitary pads, though, are made to order, last up to ten years and can go on the compost heap. Here’s how they work, how you can order them and if you have any worries I sort them out right here. Just message me with your paddy wish list and I’ll conjure it up for you!

Reduce your use of cotton wool by buying a set of my washable facial pads. They are one of the best handmade ways to go green that I can offer you. Each pad has one soft cotton side and one towelling side and they have a lovely layer of flannel on the inside for extra softiness. They come in sets of ten random yet cheerful prints too (unless you have one print in mind). Use them to replace your usual cotton wool rounds, just chucking them in the washing machine when you are done. I even make little envelopes for them to go in the wash, so they don’t get lost in your duvet covers.

Reduce all of the eco costs of big events like birthday and Christmas by making your own gifts. My Easy Embroidery! online course contains 12 lessons on how to embroider your own designs on hoops which is perfect for gift giving. It teaches you nine stitches along with how to design, transfer your designs and even finish your hoops professionally. You even get exclusive access to my Facebook embroidery group. That’s where you almost double the course info and get daily support for whatever you are working on. Just think, instead of shopping or resorting to non-green online shopping next Crimbo, you can make your own gifts!

Spare the planet when your clothes wear out by making do and mending. Everything you learn on my Easy Embroidery! course can be applied to your garments so when collars fray, hems drop and  – ahem – random stains appear after a night at the local curry house you can fix, not throw. Even better, as well as saving a teeny corner of the planet you end up with clothes utterly unlike anyone else’s. What’s not to love?

If you want to go fully organic, let me do the hard work. I routinely source fabrics for commissions and will happily look for organic cottons for you. It’s one of the best handmade ways to go green. All you have to do is tell me what motif or print you fancy and I’ll track it down for you!

Oh, and if you have another idea for an eco-friendly item you are more than welcome to commission it from me. If I can sew it, I can (probably) create it. Just hit me up with whatever is in your head and we can save the planet from there!