Your 15 Top Gift Buying Problems SOLVED!

If anything sucks the festive spirit out of you, even more than seeing Trump decorate the White House, it’s gift buying problems. You don’t know what to buy, don’t have enough time to look, don’t have enough money to spend, can’t find something unique or don’t know if you can rely on that online shop to do the job properly.

So, let me be your fairy godkraken! Below, I’ve come up with every big gift buying problem I can think of (and some you have given me) and, even better, I’ve solved it. And they say there are no such thing as Christmas miracles! So go on. Get stuck in and watch your worries go up in a blast of Panto smoke. *hollers at Rudolf and disappears into the night*

I can’t afford to buy handmade

I hear you. You love handmade but your purse doesn’t. It makes gift buying problems even more, well, problemy. Don’t forget though that you can pick up inexpensive items from handmakers like me. For example, I’ll stitch any wording on one of my little bundles or brooches and they are just £6 a pop. Just think about what your friend for family need emotionally and it’ll put it on a bundle for them.

How do I buy for the perfect gift giver?

How do some people have the knack of doing this stuff? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM? Well, instead of beating them at their own game, just change the game. The joy of handmade is that you can find something so individual to them that they’ll be boggled at your thoughtfulness. For example, my handstitched location hoops will be unlike anything else they receive. Instead of going big, go personalised, that’s my tip.

I want to be more eco-friendly this year

There’s nothing as heart sinking as putting out 327 bags of recycling the week after Crimbo. You can find a pile of ideas about doing it here but I can help out too. You can pick up my washable wrapping paper here as well as items like my washable facial pads with envelopes. I’m also happy to source eco-friendly fabrics for you too. And don’t forget that I can send items directly to your friends and rellies which might help reduce your footprint just a tad.

I feel as if I buy for the sake of it

Why does the idea of NOT giving a gift scare us so much, even when we have nothing to give? That’s social pressure for ya (don’t start me). Then perhaps it’s time to have a chat with your friend or family to come up with another solution. Instead, gift your time, help around their house and garden or take them out somewhere memorable for the day. Whatever you do, though, be honest. Tell them that you really want to do something more meaningful and see what they come up with too.

I have zero inspiration

Then check out my last blog post here. It’ll give you a shit-ton (technical term) of ideas for your gift buying problems and even if – deep breath – you don’t want to buy from me it should kick start your brain into coming up with ideas of your own. Good luck!

I don’t entirely trust buying online

Yup, it can feel like a leap of faith when you buy online. Well, this is one of the gift buying problems you don’t have to fret about with me. You can check out my testimonials page on this secure website for lots of reassurance and there are also my five star reviews on my Facebook page. If that’s not enough feel free to engage with my Fb page where you’ll find lots of loveliness about what I make.  And remember that when you pay via Paypal you have recourse for action if you’re not happy with your gift (God forbid). You are fully covered, morally, financially and, thanks to me, stylishly too.

I don’t know what my friends/ family want

Yeah, it’s that thing where you ask someone what they want and say “Nothing!” while still expecting SOMETHING. Well that’s what social media is for, to fix your gift buying problems. Get onto their Facebook page or Insta page to remind yourself of their interests or latest loves. Perhaps they’ve liked items or ideas which will inspire you to get what they’ll love. In other words, indulge in a little festive stalking. I mean, Santa does it so why can’t you?

I don’t have time to deliver the item

Then let me be Santa! You may be ordering the item from me but I’ll happily send it directly to the recipient if it saves you time, effort and postage. Just give me the name and postal addy when you order (you can do this in on the order form or you can message me directly). Don’t forget that I’ll also write out a personalised tag for you and attach it to the gift, which will already be wrapped in coordinated tissue paper so they won’t know what the gift is until Crimbo morn.

You don’t make what I want

Then suggest something! If you knew how often I’d been commissioned to stitch something I’d never sewn before you’d drop your baubles. So email me at with whatever is in your head (including if it’s just ideas rather than anything specific) and I’ll work it out and price it up for you. Then it’s up to you whether you want to go ahead or not.

My family sets price limits

This is a cracking idea! It means you don’t end up with a mouldering Yorkie bar while your other half swoons over a new iPad. However, it also means that you have much less choice when it comes to buying items. Well, in my shop there are items priced from £6 upwards so you’ll find something whatever your financial ceiling. And if you can’t? Feel free to tell me what your budget is and I’ll come up with ideas of what I can make for that amount. It’s then up to you whether you go ahead or not. Boom!

I’ve been asked to not buy toys for kids

God, they get so many don’t they? Well feel free to be entirely practical instead. I can make personalised bunting for their bedrooms, sky pockets for storage and notice boards for clutter clearing. I also make desktop caddies and will happily stitch a hoop for their bedroom walls. You can just have a name and a design or how about a phrase which reminds them to be themselves (unless they are little shits)?

My family don’t like sweary gifts

That’s OK. My hand embroidered hoops aren’t just sweary, you know. I’ll stitch any fave phrase on a hoop, even if it is just ‘Home sweet home’. All you have to do is tell me what wording you want and I’ll pop it on a 9inch hoop. I’ll even come up with a design that suits the recipient. It’s a cracking solution to gift buying problems because it’s unique, personalised and one of those real ‘whoa!’ moments on Crimbo morning. You can check out some of my range here but feel free to chuck ideas at me at

I can’t find what I want in your shop

Then ask me. I know, I know, my shop has a lot of things like bags and hoops in it so if you feel bewildered tell me what you are looking for and I’ll hunt it out for you. Just message me at

How do you buy for gadget lovers?

Ach, it’s a pig of a job because it’s expensive. So instead focus on the accessories. I make iPad/ tablet and Kindle covers as well as laptop covers and I can make them with fabrics that match the recipient’s personality too of course. And don’t forget that they may need better storage if they are tripping over cables and dongles too. These caddies are perfect for anyone who just need somewhere to bung their bits n bobs (not a euphemism).

Will my gift fit my particularly short/ tall/ thin/ large friend?

Well, if you’re buying anything from me, yes. I routinely change the length of things like my slouch bag handles and pocketed belt straps to fit my customers so I can do this for you too. All you have to do is give me an idea of the dress size of the gift recipient when you order (feel free to message me at to chat about it) and I’ll do the rest of the work. Right, that’s another one of your gift buying problems solved. NEXT!


No, really… next. If you have any gift buying problems let me know over on my Facebook page, email me directly at or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help. So, what’s bugging you? Let me know!