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14 Problems You Can Solve With Embroidery

I bet you never thought you’d find yourself reading a blog post about problems you can solve with embroidery, right? Yet, here we are. And the reason I’m telling you this is because Easy Embroidery! (my online course for complete beginners) is now on sale for just £45. Even better, throughout February I’ll be sharing with you the first three FREE lessons of the course. Here’s why you need to bag this bargain NOW.

It’ll make you cool

And you don’t even have to go vegan to do it. Embroidery is one of the hottest trends at the mo. It’s quick to learn, fun to do, is tailored to your own voice and is even eco-friendly. You can find out why here or check out names like Mr X Stitch if you need more convincing.

You want to be greener

Whoa! Talk about problems you can solve with embroidery! By knowing how to stitch you can breathe new life into old clothes and recycle fabric scraps while taking up a hobby that leaves the teeniest footprint (because it doesn’t need any form of energy apart from your own hands).

You need a new challenge

Well, embroidery is it and not just because it’s a skill for life. It’s also because it costs under a tenner to start, you can buy everything online and even practice on that old top you keep meaning to chuck out.

You feel stabby

Nothing but NOTHING improves a bad mood like repeatedly attacking a piece of fabric as if it’s your ex-boyfiend’s voodoo doll. True fact, that. See, I said ‘problems you can solve with embroidery’, didn’t I?

You want to be creative

Forget those fusty bloody florals you’ve seen before now. The joy of embroidery is that once you know how to do it you can create any image. Have the urge to stitch motorway service stations? Seascapes? Swear words? There’s nothing stopping you but, well, you!

You want to make gifts

This is sooooo easily one of the problems you can solve with embroidery. You can gift hoops to friends and rellies and embroider motifs on items, each one perfectly representing the recipients. It’s as personalised as personalised gets and the epitome of handmade with love.

You need a new community

Well you’ll find it when you buy the course and join its exclusive Facebook group. It’s that supportive that within weeks of joining several members created teeny embroideries for a fellow member having a crappy time. You. Will. Love. It.

You want to practice mindfulness

Nothing forces you to slow down and breathe deeply and mindfully like embroidery. In fact, I wrote all about it here. All you have to do it is sit in your fave seat, pick up a needle and stitch yourself calm.

You need confidence

Yeah, Feb kind of drains it from you doesn’t it? Well, Easy Embroidery! can help you feel confident again. No shit. Just do the lessons in your own time, enjoy the masses of extra course notes and support that’s in the group and feel the lurve of the members. You’ll be amazed at how proud you are of your work within hours of starting to stitch.

You fancy a new hobby

The joy of embroidery is that you can take it as far as you like. Want to work on one hoop every six months? Go for it. On the other hand, if you want to create boggling landscapes on massive canvases while demanding thread for the next 20 Christmases, you can do that too. You just have to start here.

You have busy hands

Are you the type who has moving paws even when you are sitting still? Well this is easily one of those problems you can solve with embroidery. Just by binge watching the latest season of The Crown you could also create a piece of art that wows and amazes your mates. I mean, c’mon! What’s not to love!

You need new achievements

Well, with embroidery your achievements are only limited by your imagination. IIf you can picture it, you can stitch it and if you can master the basic stitches on my Easy Embroidery! course you can do anything. I mean, check out my anatomical pieces. I only use three basic stitches to achieve them!

You need new friends

The old one are fine but you fancy a new social circle, right? Well, this is the key to that door. One of the joys of embroidery is that it gives you access to local craft societies, artists and sewing groups. My local sewing group is a place where I can just rock up and embroider while chatting about anything from politics to childbirth. Don’t miss out on that!

You need a hobby that’s easy to access

Well embroidery is it! You can either use a local haberdashery – where the prices are amazing and the assistants a font of stitchy knowledge – or you can buy online. Loads of haberdasheries how also have an online presence and mean you’re one delivered-in-five-days parcel away from taking up embroidery!

And if this hasn’t convinced you that embroidery will save your sanity, spare time, support circle and creativity (and even the planet) then come back next week for the first of those three FREE lessons that I promised you. And if you don’t want to wait? Then you can pick up my online course right here, right NOW. Thanks to it being downloadable, you can start the first lesson within minutes of buying it and become a member of the group. Now, stop gawping at me and get stitching. You have absolutely nothing to lose!