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Lone wolf

Kraken lovers, it would be easy to think, from my Facebook page, that I’m a deeply social creature. Even a sociable creature. I mean, there I am being all chatty and funny and inclusive and encouraging… Thing is, all of this is hiding a secret. You see, after working alone in my shed for 12 […]


The Daily Grind

Kraken lovers, I often get told that I am bogglingly lucky to have my own sewing shed and, indeed, it is true that I am lucky enough have a cave of my own in which to sew my funky fabric bags, covers, cases and craftivism. Thing is, apart from not having to tidy away the tools […]



Ok, so you’ve heard me banging on about my sewing shed not least because it’s a thing of majesty and madness. Thing is, you’ve never actually seen what it looks like, hence this bobbin-based peep show especially for your delectation and delight. I have to fess up to one thing though: this weekend it’s gone […]


Shop’s open!

What’s that I can hear? Is it the tinkling of a shop’s door bell? Too right it is because Kraken Kreations is finally open for business! Aye, after all of the ‘coming soons’ you’re finally free to rummage through the fruits of my sewing shed and order to your heart’s content. Check out the home page […]

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