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Tutorial: 3 killer seams

Erk! It’s another tutorial and this time it’s about seams, three of them to be exact. Put simply, they’re where different pieces of fabric join together, whether it’s with machine sewing or hand stitching (backstitch is best for this). Yeah, I’m spelling it out but this is all about making sewing accessible so stick with […]


The Kraken Makes: May!

Measure up! Want made-to-measure clothes? Well, once you’ve accurately taken your measurements there’ll be no stopping you! First, understand that for an unfathomable reason the measurements on a pattern envelope have as much relevance to actual dress sizes as Jeremy Clarkson does to post-80s fashion. With that in mind, take a measuring tape and record […]


Lone wolf

Kraken lovers, it would be easy to think, from my Facebook page, that I’m a deeply social creature. Even a sociable creature. I mean, there I am being all chatty and funny and inclusive and encouraging… Thing is, all of this is hiding a secret. You see, after working alone in my shed for 12 […]

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Sexist sewing

Now here’s a thing. This week I shared on my Facebook page Pathe footage of women doing linocuts. Alongside the footage on the original page there were a whole pile of comments, one from a bloke and dozens and dozens from women, all calling said bloke sexist. Why? Because his comment (and I paraphrase) was […]

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Show off

You know, as much as I adore working my sewing shed there are still moments when I lift my head from the cutting table and realise that I haven’t meaningfully left my house in several days. I will have shuttled back n forth between said house and said shed as well as done the odd […]


Fabric is a feminist issue

Look, kraken lovers, I have no idea whether you care about this but… I am a feminist. Yup, I’m a 43 year old woman who thinks women and men should be treated equally, that the No More Page Three campaign reigns supreme, that the Everyday Sexism Project is one of the most exciting feminist developments of  […]


Myths… busted

Look, if there is one thing you can expect from me it’s honesty (no, honestly) and the time has come for me to set straight a few records. What I mean is that every time I pick up a sewing magazine I am faced with images of (mostly) women who look anything from beatific or […]


Shop’s open!

What’s that I can hear? Is it the tinkling of a shop’s door bell? Too right it is because Kraken Kreations is finally open for business! Aye, after all of the ‘coming soons’ you’re finally free to rummage through the fruits of my sewing shed and order to your heart’s content. Check out the home page […]