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Vlog 3 costs_Moment

How to sell handmade products (and buy them)

Seen my latest vlog about how to sell handmade items? It’s below if you haven’t and I’m revealing what it costs to make embroidery hoops compared to the prices I sell them at. And yes, I’ve had dozens of lovely customers holler, “What the fuck?!” at me. Anyway, when you’ve checked out the vlog scroll […]

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7 things I learned about pricing my craft

Kraken lovers, after three years I’ve finally come to the realisation that I’m underpricing myself here at Kraken Kreations. I’d suspected it for a long time (like that gut fear that you’ve started the menopause) but feared a mass exodus of customers. Fact is, though, that prices now have to go up. It’s that or […]

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