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Sexist sewing

Now here’s a thing. This week I shared on my Facebook page Pathe footage of women doing linocuts. Alongside the footage on the original page there were a whole pile of comments, one from a bloke and dozens and dozens from women, all calling said bloke sexist. Why? Because his comment (and I paraphrase) was […]

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Keep Mum

I promise you that I’m taking deep breaths as I type this. I’ve also blown into a (beautifully crafted tote) bag, put my head between my knees and partaken of a hefty tot of rum but still I’m smashing my noggin against the nearest wall. You see yet again I have just heard the term ‘mumpreneur’ […]

Gentle happy to annoy

The Pink Death

Kraken lovers, if you thought my musing about feminism and crafting was over you were being ever so previous. You see, while writing last week about whether my feminist principles have been compromised by my sewing I realised that I’m just not done with the subject. Yup, like Jeremy Clarkson in an empty dining room […]

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WARNING! This post has been lifted in its entirety from my other blog at www.the krakenwakes.org. It contains swearing and feminist angst. You have been told.  If you are any long-term reader of this blog you’ll know that rarely do I waver over my opinions. OK, NEVER do I waver over my opinions. When I […]


Fabric is a feminist issue

Look, kraken lovers, I have no idea whether you care about this but… I am a feminist. Yup, I’m a 43 year old woman who thinks women and men should be treated equally, that the No More Page Three campaign reigns supreme, that the Everyday Sexism Project is one of the most exciting feminist developments of  […]

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