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Fabric US1


Ever walked into a fabric shop and made such a tit of yourself that the owners were forced to hit the under-the-counter panic button? Well, I have. And not just once but pretty much every time I’ve stepped inside a fabric shop. In fact, such is my excitement at being surrounded by bolts of cloth […]


Going Postal

I have two words for you Kraken lovers. Just the two. Yet between them they contain such explosiveness that they’re the social equivalent of a lit fart in a firework factory. Yup, I’m talking about customer service, that thing that we entrepreneurs are supposed to exude with ease but, for some, it would be easier […]


The Daily Grind

Kraken lovers, I often get told that I am bogglingly lucky to have my own sewing shed and, indeed, it is true that I am lucky enough have a cave of my own in which to sew my funky fabric bags, covers, cases and craftivism. Thing is, apart from not having to tidy away the tools […]


In yer face!

Look, you might have noticed by now that I don’t do pastels. Or florals. Or any fabrics that don’t punch you in the face before leaving you for dead. That’s because pastels and florals just aren’t the kraken style. I prefer my prints to be the sewing equivalent of a drag queen – unmistakable, glorious and […]


Fabric fever

Few things make me gibber like fabric does. It’s like buying possibility in one metre bites. Whether my actual kreations live up to the wild notions I carry around in my head is a matter for private debate and angst but whenever I stagger to a counter under the crippling weight of bolts of cloth my […]

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