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Summer holiday art for family survival

Before I had Kraken Junior ‘summer holiday art’ meant spending a weekend at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in London. Now it involves me secretly necking rum at 11am because I ran out of ways to keep her occupied four weeks ago. And even though Conjugal Kraken and I have a spreadsheet which divvies childcare […]

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Eye eye

The barking thing about doing anatomical embroidery as a hobby is the effect it has on everyone who sees me do it. I often do it in public, usually in coffee shops, where I bash out an occipital belly of occipitofrontalis over an Americano (say THAT sentence after too many Babychams). It absorbs me beyond […]

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Show off

You know, as much as I adore working my sewing shed there are still moments when I lift my head from the cutting table and realise that I haven’t meaningfully left my house in several days. I will have shuttled back n forth between said house and said shed as well as done the odd […]