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embroidery satan

9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Asking Creatives for Freebies

Have you ever asked a maker for freebies? Well if you have, steady yourself. You’re about to be, what the kids of today call, ‘woke’. That’s because lots of makers are routinely asked to provide freebies of their products to family, friends, charities and even strangers. It’s happened to me and to almost every other […]

embroidery middle finger

The case for sweary textile art (in 6 points)

If you’re a fan of Kraken Kreations you’ll know that I make sweary textile art. I first started swearing on brooches, then pieces like these balloons and finally embroidery hoops. You customers love it but I still get the odd question about why I include expletives in my work at all. Thing is, telling people […]

Anatomical research

How I research my anatomical embroideries

If you’ve ever wondered how I research my anatomical embroideries (and lots of people do) you’re in for a treat. Now, you’ve seen my finished anatomical embroideries lots of times on Facebook and Twitter and I routinely show you my work in progress. However, you’re yet to see how I prep my noggin for my […]

Vlog 3 costs_Moment

How to sell handmade products (and buy them)

Seen my latest vlog about how to sell handmade items? It’s below if you haven’t and I’m revealing what it costs to make embroidery hoops compared to the prices I sell them at. And yes, I’ve had dozens of lovely customers holler, “What the fuck?!” at me. Anyway, when you’ve checked out the vlog scroll […]

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