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Why I should tell you to be summer ready (but can’t bring myself to do it)

I’m in a summer-ready quandary, Kraken lovers. You see, it’s that time of year when we wimmin are repeatedly exhorted to be summer ready. If it’s not coming from ads it’s coming from the meedja so by that standard, I should be exhorting you to be summer ready too, right? RIGHT? After all Kraken Kreations […]

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12 Commissioning Concerns (And Why You Should Stop Worrying)

You’d be surprised at how many of us have commissioning concerns. Too often the commissioning of an item is swathed in mystery to the point that it resembles witchcraft. Worse, commissioning is often synonymous with expense which puts off mere mortals from the joys of owning, say, a bespoke bag. Well, whatever your commissioning concerns […]

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One of the things that boggles me the most about running Kraken Kreations is exactly how creative my customers can be. You’d have thought that it would be me who has the most staggering 3am ideas for new items that make me leap out of bed and write such phrases as “swinging cat bag!” on the back […]

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