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Support Makers at Christmas (23 Hot Tips)

Knowing how to support makers at Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving. Forget Jelly of the Month Club ( thanks Christmas Vacation). It’s been scientifically proven* that showing festive goodwill to the creative genius in your newsfeed bags you smug points, boundless artistic beauty and better orgasms. (*this might be a lie) Seriously, […]

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Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

It’s time for my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas! I know, it’s ‘only’ November but if you want to gift a Kraken Kreations you need to get on my order list NOW. Don’t forget that everything I make is stitched from scratch, which is why hitting up this website on December 15th will only end in […]

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14,595 Pricked Fingers

Kraken lovers, it’s that time of year when I like to look back at the past 364 days and wonder what in the bollocks I was thinking. That’s what Crimbo and new year is for after all. It’s nothing to do with Jesus or gifts or laying prostrate on the sofa while inhaling entire tins […]

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Goodwill to all crafters

Kraken lovers, I have an apology to make. In fact when you read the next sentence try to picture me with my eyes cast down, my head hanging in shame and the toes of my right foot being squished into the carpet with mortification at having to say “I’m sorry!” That’s because I seem to […]

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Love and hate

A funny thing happened to me this week. Ok, so on the scale whereby death resides at zero and Doug Stanhope resides at ten it wasn’t an eight or a nine but it was certainly a five. Ish. Anyway, I’d been on the Kraken Kreations Facebook page where I’d posted pics of my latest products, namely […]


It’s Christmas!

Now, what I am about to tell you ain’t easy. In fact, as the type of woman who usually has to be restrained by security when she spots the vile pre-December flogging of stollen in Tesco, I am all but choking on my words. That’s because it’s Christmas in my sewing shed. I know, I […]

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