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In yer face!

Look, you might have noticed by now that I don’t do pastels. Or florals. Or any fabrics that don’t punch you in the face before leaving you for dead. That’s because pastels and florals just aren’t the kraken style. I prefer my prints to be the sewing equivalent of a drag queen – unmistakable, glorious and […]


She sells sea shells…

I have a dirty secret to tell you: I hate the beach. The sand gets in the sunblock, the sarnies and, worst of all, my gussetry. It’s like being expected to frolic on a cheese grater.  Thing is, as the mother of six year old Kraken Junior and the owner of a clifftop caravan with Conjugal Kraken, […]


Lately I’ve been asked whether I copy my ideas from other crafters or if I come up with my own designs. And after I’ve been restrained by a nearby SWAT team I answer that yes, I do indeed come up with my own ideas for bags, cases and covers and home decor thank you very bloody much. […]


Vintage bliss

For the love of God fetch me a cold flannel, will you? You see, I’ve just taken delivery of a staggering stash of vintage buttons thanks to Marion, a good friend of my mum, and it’s all I can do to not run around naked in the garden. These buttons belonged to Marion’s mum, who […]

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