Wire textile art: Riots not diets ice cream



Believe it or not, this textile art was inspired by a tattoo of an ice-cream. When I saw it I instantly loved the idea of an ice-cream (happy summer indulgence) representing freedom from the social tyranny of having to be skinny. It tweaked all of my feminist instincts. So I created my own design and within the wire frame of the ice-cream I used a mix of layered textiles in turquoises and yellows to create interest and depth, machine embroidering over the top, adding sequins and raffia to make it more tactile. I then chose a contrasting leatherette for the slogan panels, using a hand-embroidery technique called couching to write ‘Diets not riots’, using more wire to finish the look. There’s also a wire loop at the top so you can hang it wherever you need feminist strength.

Measurements: 29 x 12 cms (approx.)

If you like this but want a change of slogan I’ll happily do that for you. Just message me at [email protected] and BOOM!

By the way, THIS IS NOT A TOY.


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