Wire and textile art: smashed window



This textile art was inspired by my enduring fury at the inequalities in the world. There are times when you just have to smash a few things to make the world a better place and if that’s a window, so be it. So in this piece the entire outline is in twisted wire. The window is vinyl and the smashed pane has been stitched and cut out so that it really is broken (you can poke your finger through it!). The gathered curtains are hung from another, yet attached, piece of wire which is topped off with teeny silver finials and tie-backs and the window sill is made from two different cottons. The slogan is couched onto the sill and the whole thing is finished with a loop for hanging as well as a felt and embroidered flower pot.

Measurements: 21 x 24 cms

This is NOT a toy.


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