Washable wrapping paper (small)



That’s right. I said washable wrapping paper. Except that it’s fabric doing the job of paper. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to help save the planet by cutting down on how much paper they throw away every Christmas. You simply use it to wrap gifts to family and friends who understand that you’ll want to have the wrapping returned afterwards (so don’t dump it in the office secret Santa whatever you do). Then you pop it in the wash if you need to and keep it for next year! Easy!

Here’s how it works: the wrapping paper comes in small, medium and large sizes (depending on what you want to wrap with it) and with coordinated ribbon positioned at opposing corners. You then just wrap your gifts in the way you would paper, cleverly securing it with the ribbon as shown in the photos that are attached. Just pull on the bow to open it and the surprise is revealed while your wrapping stays in one piece (rather than being torn and dumped in recycling).

The fabrics come in surprise prints – all festive of course – but if you want a specific print let me know at [email protected] uk. I’m happy to also chat about any other requirements from size to ribbon length to how to use them.

So, get wrapping while sparing the planet an early demise! You get the gift of giving as well as the gift of not watching the oceans boil. Win win!


Small: 40 x 40 cms




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