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Yup, you heard right: WASHABLE facial pads. Colourful, soft, durable, re-useable and effective (have I used enough adjectives there?) washable facial pads are totally the way ahead when it comes to facial cleansing. Who needs wasteful cotton wool rounds that end up in landfill? Instead, invest in recyclable and hand-stitched cleansing pads made to match your personality.

These packs of 10 washable facial pads are the natural progression from my line of cotton sanitary pads. Made in a range of mixed prints (or your fave colourways), they are triple layered with soft cotton, flannel and towelling. That means you have a smooth side for delicate areas and a textured side for more, well, buffage. So they are a brilliant addition to your facial regime and will give you the glow of smugness because you’re saving the planet.

Even better, washable facial pads can be thrown in the washing machine at your usual temperatures and reused for several years. You’ll never have to rely on cotton wool or run out of pads again.

These pads come in packs of ten which mean you have one for each day of the week with a few to spare. You can order in as many or as few as you like though. Just let me know at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk if you want any number that is not a multiple of ten or if you want specific colours.

And if you want to know how these pads are made and cared for just click here. It’ll tell you everything that you need to know (it’s thorough, believe me).

Don’t forget that I make accessories too. Click here if you’d like a washing envelope (just pop your pads into it, fling it in the machine and they won’t get mixed up with your knickers) or here if you’d like a teeny storage caddy for your new pad stash.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up you washable facial pads, give hell to that eyeliner and save the planet while you are at it. Whoop!


Each pad is 8 x 8 cms and they come in packs of 10. To order a different number of pads, message me at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk.


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