Textile art: Handmaid’s Tale Offred



I embroidered this red ‘I am Offred’ placard after watching The Handmaid’s Tale and being overcome with a feeling of solidarity with Offred (while wanting to set fire to things). If you have seen the TV show you’ll know why (in fact, I rarely get through an episode without wanting to set fire to something). While women don’t have full and equal rights across the globe we are all Offred. Even better, I believe we all have the strength and determination of Offred too. So what’s not to like about this Handmaid-red embroidery mounted on a leatherette placard? It’s a daily reminder that we women must get out there to live, fight and overcome. Now, off with those hoods!


approx 10 x 15 cms with a 10 cm hanging loop


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