Table runner and placemats



Now, this commission was a joy! I was contacted by a customer who had a cotton dress that was special to her because it belonged to her young daughter. She really wanted it to be re-used in a way that meant she could see it every day. She suggested turning it into a table runner and set of placemats but there wasn’t enough fabric for that. That’s when I suggested she pick a fave colour from my large stash of plain cottons so I could incorporate the print into it. The placemats have the print with a plain backing while the runner has printed panels added to it. Finally, I appliqued individual motifs from the dress to the plain portions of the runner, which really made them pop. I like to think that every time they all sit down to dinner they see it and smile.

NB. If you would like to commission an item please contact me at I’ll ask for your wish list and come up with a design. No request is too daft or obvious and I’ll come up with a price before you commit to anything. You can get further details about how my commissioning process works here.


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