Sewing machine cover



Now this commission gave me the willies! Whenever I make something for someone who sews the pressure is ON. I know from experience that people who sew are the first to check the seams and top-stitching of everything they buy (think of the steely stare of The Great British Sewing Bee’s Patrick Grant) so it felt odd to make a sewing machine cover for someone who already sews. This, though, was for a sewing newbie so I breathed a sigh of relief and got on with the job. She wanted the cover in this flamingo fabric that I picked up when I was in the USA and when it was done I gave it a lift with large ric rac along the bottom. It’s such a simple design but the print really shout. It’d perk up any sewing room and, yes, the seams were perfect after all. Whew!

If you want to commission an item just message me at You can give me your wish list, I’ll give you a price and we can make something wonderful together!


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