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This was an out-of-the-blue commission for me. I was asked by a friend to devise something to hang her kids’ drawings from school (on the way to the recycling bin, ahem). She already had string and pegs but they all slid to the middle. So I came up with this puppy: a length of ribbon decorated with ric-rac, with buttons interspersed at regular intervals. I also supplied the pegs, which would sit between the buttons, stopping the pics from sliding anywhere. My customer also sent me a pic of the room in which this would hang, which meant I could make it to match the turquoise, pink and yellow decor. Hopefully it’s doing those drawings justice and is a bit more functional than string. Whoop!

1 review for Picture Pegs

  1. Laura Nunn

    This is just beautiful and does the job fantastically. I had been using a Christmas card holder to display my children’s artwork, but everything slid into the middle, and the smug little Christmas soldiers irritated me in July. This was the perfect solution for us – no more sliding, and a beautiful display for my kids’ (less than beautiful, mostly) artwork. Thank you!

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