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Look, you’ve all seen the cool and hip prints you can buy of fave locations, right? You know the type of thing, maps with hearts over them, hanging in living rooms. Thing is, they’re all a bit, well, generic. So how about a location embroidery instead? For yourself or as a gift to a loved one, I’ll stitch the view of almost any location onto a hoop for you. It’s the perfect birthday or Crimbo solution for someone who has everything because each piece is stitched from scratch and utterly unique.

Here’s how it works: you can contact me at to discuss deets because each location embroidery is a fresh commission (no two are ever the same). I’ll ask you to supply me with a pic of your fave view or, if you don’t have one, I can source one for you. Then, because the price changes according to the level of detail and size of hoop, we’ll chat about how I’ll render it in thread. Hoop sizes start at a teeny at 4ins and go up from there. There’s no obligation at all to buy and the chances are that I can create a location embroidery that matches what you can afford to spend.

The image you can see in the pic was supplied by a customer and resulting 7in hoop cost £40 plus postage, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Of course, I can also stitch any wording onto the location embroidery too. It can be the place name, the family name or a phrase that sums up why the view is so adored (btw, you can’t see the place name on this pic because it’s very personal). It’s up to you!

So if you fancy a location embroidery get in touch for a chat with the above email addy. Trees or building, sea or sky… let me and my thread at it!




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