Notice boards (by commission)



I don’t know about you but I collect all sorts of bits of paper: medical appointments, phone numbers, receipts, lists… which is why I’ve come up with my own version of a notice board. These fully padded puppies are built around a wooden frame and made with a range of coordinating yet striking fabrics, all designed to look as fabulous as they are functional (it’s almost a shame to hide the prints with paper). The taut cord crossing the board means you can tuck your bits n bobs safely in place, of course. However, I’ve added to this two taut pockets at the bottom which means you can stash letters, pens and larger items that don’t fit neatly under the cords. Boom! A notice board that means business!

NB: As these boards are made as commissions there is no standard measurement used here. You also get to choose the fabrics and colours that I use! So if you are interested, email me at [email protected] or message me at You can give me your wish list and I’ll price it up for you (small notice boards start at £12 a pop plus postage).



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